Your SEO Checklist: User Experience Boosters

by Aug 23, 2023

Search engine optimization, or SEO, for your law firm’s website is the product of multiple sustained efforts to deliver a high-quality website to your web visitors. Generally, attorneys understand that high-quality written content and a modern, attractive web design can help your website perform better on search. 

However, in order to take your website to the next level of search engine visibility, there are other factors that can contribute to better SEO for your site.

In this blog, we will be covering major aspects of your website that contribute to a better user experience for your potential clients and how LawLytics handles these elements for you. 

User Experience Boosters

Booster #1: Strong Browser Compatibility

In order for your website to perform better in the search results of your potential clients, it is imperative that they are able to seamlessly access your site regardless of what browser they’re using. Browser compatibility refers to the ability of your website to function at full capacity on any available browser. This requires your website’s coding and scripts to be compatible with the multiple browser types your potential clients may use.

Booster #2: Optimized Contact Forms

Once a potential client finds your website, it’s important to provide easy ways for them to get in touch. One way to do this is to feature easy-to-use contact forms throughout your website. Typically, a law firm website contact form will require the web visitor to provide their name, email, and some non-sensitive information about their legal issue. However, it’s possible to utilize contact forms on your website for more than one purpose, such as for a newsletter signup or gated content.

Booster #3: Conversion Capability

In order for your website to have strong conversion capability, there needs to be multiple factors at play that aid in user experience. More often than not, a potential client is visiting your website to learn more about their legal issue, seek guidance on what they should do next, and to find out how they can contact you. To make these touch points easier and more streamlined for your web visitors, it’s important that your website supports features like customizable contact forms, click-to-call phone numbers throughout your site, and an informative office location page.

Booster #4: Responsive Design

There is a persistent upward trend in the popularity of mobile searches compared to desktop searches. As a result, it has become crucial for law firm websites to be mobile-friendly across all devices. A mobile-friendly website automatically responds to mobile screen sizes and adjusts to ensure optimal user experience. 

With LawLytics, your website is equipped to provide an optimal user experience with features like:

✔️ Universal browser compatibility

✔️ Easy-to-use contact forms

✔️ Features optimized for conversions

✔️ Responsive design

Take the guesswork out of SEO with LawLytics

When attorneys use LawLytics, they discover that SEO is simple, affordable, and sustainable. With features like our SEO Snapshot, members can review their website’s optimization, learn more about what their website needs to succeed, and explore optional optimizations they can make to help their website’s visibility in search. 

If you’re currently a member of LawLytics and would like to know more about how your website is equipped for search engine optimization, please reach out to support. If you’re not yet a LawLytics member and would like to know how we can help you increase the visibility of your law firm online and drive more business to your practice, schedule a 20-minute interactive demo with a product expert.

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