Easy Local Targeting

Focus Your Marketing on Where You Want to Reach New Clients

Offices Module

The LawLytics offices module makes it easy to create locally optimized pages for as many offices as you have. Just type in your address and phone number, and the system does the rest.

Locations Page

If you have more than one office, LawLytics automatically creates and updates an interactive page with all of your locations.

Office Details Pages

Each location automatically gets its own page with map, contact info, and anything else you’d like to add. Optionally display regular and on-call hours, and associate lawyers with each office.

Add Maps Anywhere

Insert maps in any page, blog post, or case result. You add the address and LawLytics does the rest.

A More Relevant Presentation

The result is pages with local data and a more relevant visual presentation.

Better Local Pages

Easy Maps

Add multiple Google maps to a single page without any copying, pasting, or programming.

Nest Local Pages

Create multiple local pages and nest them however you want.

Semantic Markup

LawLytics automatically adds attorney-specific markup to your office locations pages.

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