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Law Firm Websites

Professional Design

Website and logo design are included with your membership. All sites are mobile and search-engine-friendly. See examples below and schedule a call to discuss design options.


Live Example Sites

Kurt D. Lloyd

Author of Jury Selection
See live LawLytics site.

Amy Morell

DUI Defense Law Firm in California
See live LawLytics site.

Eversole Law

Criminal defense law firm in Alabama.
See live LawLytics site.

Kinerk Schmidt & Sethi

Arizona personal injury law firm.
See live LawLytics site.

WA Veterans’ Bar Association

Veterans’ Bar Association in Washington State.
See live LawLytics site.

Russman Law

New Hampshire personal injury, criminal family and DUI law.
See live LawLytics site.

Richard Lawson

Georgia DUI law firm.
See live LawLytics site.

Shouse Law

California and Nevada criminal defense website.
See live LawLytics site.

Commonly Asked Questions

Will my LawLytics site be mobile-friendly?

Yes. Your site will use the latest responsive design technology — the mobile-friendly method of displaying websites favored by search engines. This method ensures your site will look great, regardless of what device or screen size your potential clients use. When viewed in touch-enabled devices (smartphones and tablets), your site will respond to touch and swipe gestures. Your site will also be touch-to-call enabled.

Will I have a say in the design process?

At LawLytics, we know what works. Our design process is streamlined to produce results for your firm. You’ll choose the basic structure of your site. From there, we’ll work with you to customize it for your law firm, including pictures, backgrounds, colors, fonts, logos and page structure. The end result is your website — one that captures the unique personality of your firm and adheres to our proven practices for better business generation.

Tell me about free design refreshes.

You’re eligible for an optional free design refresh every 2 years — just like a cell phone upgrade — for as long as you’re a LawLytics member. You can exercise the option on each 2-year anniversary, or any time thereafter.


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