3 Things the Best Law Firm Websites Have in Common

by Feb 9, 2020

Most law firms have unique goals and priorities. 

What many attorneys don’t realize is that regardless of each firm’s unique goals and priorities, there’s a predictable formula that helps law firms get a steady stream of clients from their law firm’s website. 

A lot of design and marketing agencies end up degrading the conversion potential of attorney websites with bells and whistles. On the other hand, cheap do-it-yourself legal websites also set attorneys up for failure because they often look unprofessional.

The best law firm websites have several things in common. Here’s what you need to know about getting a law firm website that drives more business to your firm.

The Best Law Firm Websites Are Designed to Help Potential Clients.

The best law firm websites account for the fact that potential clients don’t visit law firm websites for entertainment.

The best attorney websites are, of course, professional looking. But there’s a big difference in performance between a fancy law firm website and a law firm website that your potential clients see as professional. 

Your potential clients are thinking about themselves and their problems when they visit your site. As a result, the highest performing attorney websites are those that provide a sense of relief and predictability to potential clients. These sites are designed to make it easy for potential clients to find the information that they need, to trust that you are an expert who can help them, and to contact you when they’re ready.

When it comes to designing lawyer websites that convert at a high rate, we’ve found that 95 percent can be boiled down to a science, while only 5 percent has to do with subjective style choices.

LawLytics helps attorneys get more out of their website marketing by designing law firm websites that follow this formula. Attorneys get a beautiful, professional-looking website that is designed to convert.

The Best Law Firm Websites Provide High-Quality Content.

When a potential client visits an attorney’s website, they’re seeking information. That’s why the best law firm websites have an abundance of useful content that educates web visitors.

When that content is detailed, educational, and addresses the kinds of questions that web visitors ask, it’s likely to be returned in search results when someone conducts a related search. It’s likely to be consumed by readers soon after you create it, and web visitors will engage with it months from now, too.

The best law firm website content doesn’t read like advertising copy about the firm — instead, it should be client-focused and engage readers by connecting with them about their case or matter.

Choosing an attorney is not a decision that potential clients take lightly. The choice that they make can have real consequences. Before they even pick up a phone to call your law firm, they want to know that you’re someone they can trust. They need to know more about what to do next. (In some cases, they may not even realize they need an attorney yet. But they’re likely doing Google searches about their situation.)

They need to know that you care about them, that you care about their problem, and that you care about your practice.

Quality content on lawyer websites achieves all of those things because it’s an educational tool that addresses the specific needs of your potential clients. 

Conveniently, much of what goes into creating the best law firm website content is something that most attorneys do on an everyday basis when they talk with potential clients over the phone or face-to-face.

LawLytics makes content creation easy. Unlike other providers who sell websites that aren’t tailored to lawyers’ needs, LawLytics is designed specifically for lawyers. It’s built with you in mind, and our software, strategy, and support make it easy to add to and edit your website.

The Best Law Firm Websites Put Lawyers in Control.

In the past, attorneys had to choose between two imperfect options if they wanted a law firm website.

Attorneys who use the agency model discover that agencies are typically expensive. Many attorneys who go this route find that they didn’t get the return they should for the amount they paid for their website. In some cases, agency-designed sites don’t give attorneys easy access to their website, which can cause attorneys to worry when they want to make changes or if they discover something inaccurate on their website.

On the opposite side of the spectrum are general DIY website builders — Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace. These are relatively inexpensive, but they require a great deal of time to manage, in part because they aren’t built for attorneys. Attorneys often get frustrated as they try to make changes to these kinds of websites, and these websites often end up looking unprofessional.

The best law firm websites put you, the attorney, in control. That’s why LawLytics gives you the best of both worlds without the headaches. At its core, LawLytics is a platform designed to give you control of your website. But at the same time, our team is here to support you whenever you need it.

LawLytics lets you control everything about your law firm’s website without the frustration that often comes along with agencies or DIY websites.

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