A Conversation with Larry Bodine – Attorney, Journalist, Editor and Legal Marketing Pioneer

Published: 05.24.2021

Host: Dan Jaffe


May 24, 2021 – Last Friday I sat down for a conversation with Larry Bodine, who recently retired after a career that started in print journalism in the 1970s and wove its way through law practice, and legal journalism, including stints where he served as Editor at the ABA Journal and of Lawyers.com when it was owned by LexisNexis.

Larry talks about his roots in journalism, his upbringing, and the influence of his parents on his life and career. We discuss the evolution of journalism and of legal marketing. For those of you who have had the privilege of knowing Larry, you’ll know that he does a lot more listening than talking (we even talk about why). In this conversation I attempt to flip to script and focus on Larry. In the process, I learned some new things about him and his fascinating life, and I hope that you will too. For those of you who don’t yet know Larry, if you’re a lawyer or thinking about becoming one, he’s a person you really ought to know.

Larry has seen the journalism and legal marketing landscapes evolve, and offers insight into not only where they’ve been but where they are likely to go. He also talks about two must-have books for all lawyers who want to own their own practices:

  1. How To Win Friends and Influence People, by Dale Carnegie
  2. How to Start & Build a Law Practice, by Jay Foonberg

Having read both of those books, and put them into practice early in my career, I can attest that this is great advice.

About The Host

Attorney Dan Jaffe previously built successful small law practices in WA and AZ. He currently serves as the CEO of LawLytics. He loves helping to empower law firms with technology, connections and information to help them improve the quality and efficiency of their practices.

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