A Conversation With Jared Vishney – CEO of Arctrieval – Medical Records Retrieval For Personal Injury Lawyers

Published: 08.22.2021

Host: Dan Jaffe

In this episode of the LawLytics Video Podcast, I sit down with Jared Vishney to talk about a huge logistical problem that plagues personal injury law firms, slows intake and matter progression, and often times leads to expectation management issues. The problem is medical records retrieval.

Jared frames the problem, discusses the two legal routes law firms can use to obtain records, and describes how Arctrieval is automating the easy route: It’s making this formerly painful process less expensive, more reliable, more firm friendly, and a lot less frustrating for the clients. Along the way, we talk about legal tech, SaaS, and the role of technology in law firms. The complete interview is below, followed by a slide deck that Jared references, as well as how to get a trial of Arctrieval.

Here is the slide deck:

Arctrieval Lawlytics Podcast Materials 20210817

To start a trial of Arctrieval or request a demo: https://www.arctrieval.com/legal/

About The Host

Attorney Dan Jaffe previously built successful small law practices in WA and AZ. He currently serves as the CEO of LawLytics. He loves helping to empower law firms with technology, connections and information to help them improve the quality and efficiency of their practices.

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