Attorney Blog Post Ideas: Series Introduction

by Nov 10, 2015

Today, I’m introducing a series on blog post ideas for lawyers.

Attorneys who aren’t blogging, have a blog but aren’t using it, or are simply using it incorrectly, are missing out on the myriad benefits that posting content can have for their law firm.

Blogging is a fun, easy, engaging, and valuable way to take control of your law firm on the web, build your brand, and most notably, improve your business.

Keeping a blog — and posting to it regularly — provides your readers with educational content, gives your audience more opportunities to engage with your law firm, and helps cement your professional image as a credible lawyer with a great reputation. Best of all, much like a good 401k, keeping a blog for your law firm has a compound interest effect that adds up as you add to it.

We’ve had many client blog success stories here at LawLytics. Those clients who have made regular commitments to growing their blog content have seen their law firm business grow, as well.

To learn more about why you should be blogging (if you haven’t started yet), check out my recent post about Why Lawyers Should Blog About What They Know.

If starting a blog feels like a paralyzing commitment to you, remember that you can start a regular blog with excellent content by committing to only fifteen minutes a day. To read more about this concept and about how often you should be blogging, read my post on How Often Should Lawyers Blog?

If you’re a LawLytics member and haven’t started blogging, it’s really easy to get started. That’s because every LawLytics law firm website has a powerful blog built right in. If you want help getting started, please let us know. We’re happy to walk you through both logistics and strategy.

Attorney Blog Post Ideas

Starting tomorrow, I’ll be posting the first blog idea in this series. To keep up with all of the posts in this collection, click the following link to visit the Attorney Blog Post Ideas series page.

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