How to Attract a Targeted Audience to Your Law Firm’s Website

by Mar 16, 2021

Whether you’re starting a new law firm website or making changes to your current site, it’s tempting to make your site appealing to “everyone.”

But is “everyone” a good fit for your law firm?

An appealing website is important. But a website created to appeal to everyone will keep you from seeing the benefits of website marketing. Attorneys gain a much larger advantage when they develop their website with a target audience in mind.

Here’s what you need to know about attracting the right potential clients to your website and converting them into new business for your firm.

Why should you focus your website on a target audience?

Websites that try to target everyone struggle to gain traction. 

Web visitors make snap judgments about websites, both in terms of their design and the information that they provide.

This is particularly true for potential clients who are busy researching their case or matter. The internet has evolved enough that the tolerance for websites that don’t serve our needs has decreased dramatically.

If a potential client visits your site and cannot immediately find the information they’re looking for, they’re likely to press the ‘Back’ button on their browser and seek a website that will give them what they need.

That means that user experience — the way that your website is designed, along with the information it provides — is more important than ever. (LawLytics makes it easy to get a professional-looking website with the right information to attract your ideal clients.)

Potential clients want easy access to specific information about their unique problems. When a well-designed site features useful information about the kinds of queries that your potential clients ask of Google, it makes it more likely that:

  • Your website will appear in search results for such a query;
  • A potential client will choose your website over other sites that don’t specifically address these issues;
  • You’ll keep that potential client on your website longer and convert them at a higher rate.

The result is the ability to drive more and better potential clients to your firm.

How to focus your law firm’s website on a target audience

Once you know who you’re trying to target, writing compelling information and publishing it to your website is much easier.

One of the best ways to focus the information on your website is to develop a client persona. A client persona is an imagined individual who represents your ideal potential client. (You can learn more about client personas in this blog post, or by listening to our client personas podcast episode.)

Building a fictional representation of an ideal client provides you with a deeper understanding of your clients’ needs, motivations, and backgrounds. 

Once you’ve developed a client persona, you’ll want to consider the questions that this ideal potential client is likely to ask about their case or matter. 

What language do they use to describe their problem? Where are they, geographically speaking? How much information can you give them to help them decide what to do next?

You can easily translate all of this into the creation of targeted information on your website. When you develop educational information that directly addresses those questions and concerns, it encourages those potential clients to contact your firm.

Pay attention to how your clients talk to you. Observe how they respond to your answers. When you do, you’ll have a blueprint for what to say and how to say it. 

To learn more about developing website information that attracts your ideal potential clients, see our blog post on “Writing Like Your Potential Clients Think.”

LawLytics makes it simple to drive more ideal clients to your firm.

LawLytics software, support, and strategy makes it easy to have a professional, information-rich website that drives the right potential clients to your firm. 

Our platform simplifies the process of attracting the right audience to your website. That means you won’t struggle with technology or overpay for website marketing.

If you already have a LawLytics website and you’d like content guidance (or help taking it to the next level), we’re here to help. If you don’t have a website (or if you’re using a platform or agency that makes your online marketing complicated), switching to LawLytics is easy and affordable. 

See how easy it is to grow your practice by doing a quick interactive demo of LawLytics. To learn more about how to reliably attract and convert clients from free search engine traffic, see our Guide to Law Firm SEO.

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