Why Bluffs Don’t Pay in Online Law Firm Marketing

Published: 07.30.2018

Host: Victoria Blute

We’ve recently discussed law firm search engine optimization through the lens of poker. In this podcast episode, we continue with a discussion about why bluffs don’t pay in online law firm marketing.

There are no quick fixes in attorney website marketing, and content-based SEO isn’t a quick fix, either. However, there seems to be no shortage of ways that people have tried to fool Google into ranking web pages higher than they would otherwise merit. Google’s algorithms have significantly improved over the past decade and it’s become much harder to trick the search engine.

That hasn’t stopped some attorneys — or their SEO providers — from trying to use shortcut tactics. In this episode, we discuss why bluffs don’t pay in online law firm marketing, as well as a number of tactics that attorneys should avoid.

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