Understanding Online Law Firm Marketing Motivations

Published: 02.11.2018

Host: Victoria Blute

In Episode #31, we discuss why it’s important for attorneys to understand the motivations behind all the players involved in the online law firm marketing landscape.

Understanding the driving forces behind behaviors can be a powerful tool for your online marketing in a number of ways. The ability to understand the motivations of all the players involved in your online marketing can affect your ability to do sustainable and effective online marketing for your law firm. Those players include yourself, the people who are trying to sell you things, your potential clients’ motivations and even Google’s motivations.

Once you understand the behaviors that drive you, salespeople, your audience, and the search engines, you’ll be much less susceptible to empty sales talk. You’ll be able to avoid doing things that cause you to waste time or money on your law firm’s marketing.

And that means you’ll be able to focus on what does work, instead of chasing after things that don’t produce long-term results for your law firm.

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