Firms That Adapt to Cloud-Based Technology Are Primed to Succeed in 2020 and Beyond

by Nov 11, 2020

In Clio’s “Legal Trends Report”, it writes:

“We’ve seen a rate of technology adoption in the span of a few months that would have otherwise taken more than a decade to accomplish. The shift has significantly altered how we shop, how we socialize, and how we conduct business. Most notably, with social distancing recommendations implemented across the US, everything has moved online.”

That includes many small law firms that have quickly made the shift to cloud-based office. 

The shift online creates a significant opportunity to rethink how you operate your small law firm. Attorneys are discovering that cloud-based communications and technology make it easier to run their businesses. The COVID-19 crisis has caused attorneys to accelerate their tech adoption, both for their business operation and their marketing.

The attorneys who have taken the approach of “engage and invest” in their law firm’s website (instead of the “bet and forget” approach to online marketing) are finding new opportunities that have resulted from the online shift when they use the right technology and strategy.

Clio’s report points out a number of potential possibilities that will result from the increasingly remote-world:

“Major urban centers may lose the relevance of proximity to lawyers and clients who can instead meet remotely,” Clio’s report notes. “Lawyers who have a licence [sic] to practice state-wide will no longer be limited to servicing clients in the immediate community—and instead can look to connect with clients throughout their jurisdiction online.” 

If you’re an attorney who wants recession-proof your law firm and reach more potential clients, taking control of your law firm’s website — and using it effectively to communicate with potential clients – is crucial.

Attorneys who embrace cloud-based technology for their website marketing are empowered by it.

In the last eight months, lawyers have begun rethinking what constitutes a necessary expense. With so much uncertainty, attorneys are quickly adopting technologies that provide them with greater efficiency and sustainability while cutting unnecessary costs (ie, renting office space) and avoiding advertising with low ROI (agencies, PPC, directory listings). 

Instead, these attorneys are discovering that those who embrace technology are empowered by it.

The information age and the rise of Google have empowered attorneys who use the right technology to easily and cost-efficiently bypass the classic marketing middleman. As a result, these attorneys easily reach, communicate with, and directly influence potential clients at scale. 

Adopting cloud-based website marketing technology lets you easily control your marketing expenses (and the first impression that most potential clients form about you: your law firm’s website). 

It keeps you from engaging in costly advertising methods and buying useless bells and whistles. With this tech empowerment model, law firm owners control their destinies.

LawLytics makes it easy to have a successful law firm website.

Attorneys that focus on building website content that communicates with their ideal potential clients have a competitive advantage while connecting with potential clients in the way they prefer.

When you embrace the necessary changes (and choose the right technologies and technology partners) you’ll have the ability to grow your practice predictably and cost-efficiently, regardless of things like economic uncertainty.

The LawLytics legal marketing platform is fully supported and gives you control of your online marketing while keeping your expenses predictable and low.

It works by putting you in control of your law firm’s website. It makes it easy to add and edit content and gives you the strategy and support you need to compete at a very low price point. Calculate how it fits into your firm’s budget, or schedule a 20-minute demo to see how it works to help you attract and convert more clients.

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