Halloween Blog Post Ideas for Attorneys

by Oct 30, 2019

Halloween is just around the corner, and it’s a holiday that attorneys in many practice areas can benefit from by integrating it into their content marketing. One of the best ways to use this holiday to boost awareness and improve your firm’s visibility is by writing holiday-related blog posts.

Here are some potential ideas for a number of practice areas.

Halloween Law Firm Blog Post Ideas

Getting home safely from Halloween gatherings and office parties:

Kids aren’t the only ones who indulge on Halloween night. Consider writing about Halloween drunk driving statistics and what that could mean for your potential reader. (For example, according to once source, 38 percent of fatal crashes on Halloween night involved a driver or motorcyclist with a BAC of .08 or higher.)

What do your potential clients need to know about the relationship between eating a meal, alcohol, and driving? Is it safe to drive if you’ve had a few drinks with dinner? If you’ve been drinking at the Halloween party and you have a glass of water before you leave, are you sober enough to drive? How can responsible hosts keep their party guests safe?

Careless driving and pedestrian collisions:

The classic Halloween fear is the razor blade in the apple. However, a car striking a trick-or-treater is far more likely to happen. Remind your readers to choose reflective materials for costumes and/or add reflective tags to outfits. Make sure parents know how important it is for children to be able to see clearly. To prevent limited visibility, face-painting is a better option than a mask. Remind people that both children and adults should carry flashlights, and so on.

When Halloween decorations are scary and dangerous:

If a trick or treater injures themselves on someone’s property, the homeowner may be liable. What do potential clients or readers need to know about candles catching things on fire, obstacles that someone might trip over in the dark, and overburdening extension cords? What are some safe alternatives to otherwise dangerous holiday decorations?

Social host liability: 

Remind Halloween party hosts about local social host laws. What is social host liability? What kind of liability could a host have if someone is injured at the host’s party? What happens if someone who attended your party ends up in a drunk driving incident after leaving the party?

Children’s Halloween curfews: 

Does your city or state have a required curfew for children? What do parents need to know about the curfew laws in your area? Are there different curfews for children of different ages? What happens if your child violates these curfew laws on Halloween? You may want to suggest trick-or-treating hours to help parents avoid trouble for their children.

Halloween and sex offenders:

The slant of this blog post will likely differ based on your practice area. For example, family lawyers may want to remind people to search the sex offender database to keep their children from wandering into neighborhoods where registered sex offenders live. For criminal defense lawyers who also handle sex crimes, this is an opportunity to remind clients who are convicted sex offenders of common sense behavior during this holiday.

Can trick-or-treating turn criminal?

Throwing eggs or toilet paper at homes, among other classic Halloween pranks, can turn into crimes that land kids in juvenile court. Remind parents to talk with their children before they go out trick-or-treating. Educating children in advance that “tricks” may be crimes can save a lot of trouble later on. Remind parents to inform their children to be on their best behavior by following local rules.

Preventing tragic Halloween accidents:

Children often love Halloween and its promise of candy and fun — how can parents make sure that their children have a good time, but also stay safe? What do parents need to worry about? Should they give out homemade treats to trick-or-treaters at their door, or are sealed, wrapped, store-bought treats safer? Do parents need to examine Halloween candy for evidence of tampering? If children receive Halloween toys or gadgets, do parents need to examine them for small parts to avoid a choking hazard? What do children need to know about strangers, or about crossing the street safely?

The scary truth about dying without a will or trust in place:

Estate planning attorneys — you know better than anyone that talking about estate planning is a scary topic for some. People rarely want to talk about the end of their lives. However, what can happen when someone dies without a will or trust in place? What kinds of problems can such a situation create for their family members? How can dealing with this subject now prevent your family from financial harm later in the event of your passing?

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Attorneys are not limited to the above topics. Get creative if there’s a topic that you think your readership can benefit from. To learn more about creating great law firm blog posts, see:

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