Holiday Blog Ideas For Lawyers

by Nov 19, 2017

Thanksgiving generally marks the first of the major holidays of the season.

If you’re cooking, traveling, visiting with friends and family, or any combination of those, you might be tempted to pause any law firm marketing activities.

But the holidays can be a perfect time to write some quick and easy blog posts that will appeal to your law firm’s audience.

Here are ideas for several practice areas that you might want to consider for holiday blog posts on your law firm’s website.

Holiday blog post ideas for DUI/Criminal Defense attorneys

DUI: It’s no secret that people’s behavior can change during the holidays, and part of that may be attributed to alcohol. People often look forward to the holiday season or find it depressing — but either feeling can lead to more drinking and more DUIs.

Police are paying attention to drivers during the holidays and it’s likely that people will see more traffic stops during this time of year.

Try writing a blog post that covers what should people know about avoiding a DUI this holiday season. Consider writing about things such as:

  • Statistics related to holiday drunk driving and DUI arrests
  • If someone has eaten a large meal before they had a few drinks, is it safe for them to drive?
  • If you’ve had a single glass of champagne at the company party and drive home, can you still be arrested for drunk driving?
  • If a person has a glass of water after every drink they have, can they safely get behind the wheel?
  • What should people know about police patrol routes and DUI checkpoints during the holidays?
  • How can responsible hosts help holiday guests avoid drunk driving and/or a DUI?
  • What are some safe alternatives to driving if you’ve been drinking? If you’re going to drink, are there easy ways to plan ahead?
  • Is there a local cab company that offers a free ride back to your car the next day if you use their service?

Criminal Defense: There are other kinds of crimes that increase during the holiday season. Things like financial stress, family stress, and alcohol can cause people to behave in ways they otherwise might not.

What should your readership know about topics such as:

  • Shoplifting & Petty Theft: How are these crimes defined? What are the penalties that someone faces if they’re charged? Can someone face criminal charges if they slip an item into their bag without thinking, even if they meant to pay for it before they leave the store? Is it theft if you place a lower price tag on a higher priced item?
  • Domestic Violence: Whether it happens during the holidays or at any other time of the year, being charged with domestic violence can lead to serious penalties. What should someone know if they’ve been charged with domestic violence? If the police are called to your home for domestic violence, will someone necessarily get charged with the crime? Can a victim drop the charges if they no longer want to pursue a case? What are the best ways to avoid domestic violence situations?
  • Burglary: The holiday season means lots of people are traveling away from home. What are some interesting statistics on burglary during the holiday season? What can readers to do protect themselves against a potential burglary? How is burglary defined? What should someone do if they’ve been charged with burglary? What are the defenses against burglary?
  • Identity Theft: People do a lot of holiday shopping online. How can readers protect themselves against identity theft this season? What should you do if you’ve been accused of identity theft? Is it illegal to apply for credit in a friend’s name, even if they give you permission? What are the penalties for identity theft?
  • Firearms: What do people need to know about the unlawful discharge of a firearm? What are some firearm safety tips that can keep adults (and children) out of trouble? What should people know before they travel with a firearm on a plane?

Holiday blog post ideas for personal injury attorneys

The holidays can mean increased travel, decorating, cooking and more. What should your potential clients know about things such as:

Car accidents: Increased holiday travel, icy roads and alcohol consumption can lead to more car accidents. What steps can readers take to protect themselves while they’re on the road this holiday season? What should they do if they’ve been injured in an accident?

Falls and shocks: What are common injuries that happen during the holiday season? What should readers know about things like accidental falls from ladders or slipping on ice? Electrical shocks are another common holiday injury. What should readers know about faulty lights, extensions cords or exposed wires?

Injuries while playing sports: While some people spend their holidays indoors, others enjoy activities like outdoor team sports. However, sometimes these games can lead to injuries like fractures, broken bones, concussions, or worse. How can people prevent these kinds of accidents from occurring? Is safety gear necessary or useful?

Other injuries: Fires, gun and knife-related injuries, and choking can happen during the holidays. What should people know before they deep-fry a turkey or light some logs in the fireplace? What are some kitchen safety tips that can prevent knife-related injuries? How can people prevent reckless behavior with firearms, or prevent children from accessing guns in the household? What do people need to know about avoiding food-related choking or about giving toys with small parts to children?

Holiday blog post ideas for estate planning attorneys

The holidays are often a time for joy and family, which can make discussions about estate planning even more uncomfortable.

It’s a conversation most of us don’t want to have, and yet family get togethers may be one of the few times where everyone is available to have that discussion face-to-face.

Consider covering topics such as:

  • Why should people make sure that they’ve planned for the future? How can estate planning now prevent unpleasant surprises later?
  • What are tips that can make holiday discussions about estate planning less uncomfortable? What kind of preparations should someone make before they introduce the topic to family members? Is it easier to have a discussion about wills or trusts as a large group or are there some cases where it’s better to have one-on-one chats?

Holiday blog post ideas for family law attorneys

Holidays are often associated with families, which means divorced families may face some unique issues. Consider writing about topics such as:

  • How to cooperate with your ex to make the holidays easier on the children
  • How to navigate holiday schedules with two families
  • How can parents fairly divide holiday time with their children?
  • What should parents know about children’s holiday travel when a spouse lives out of state or abroad
  • Can someone skip child support payments if they’re spending more time with their child(ren) during the holidays?
  • When holiday child custody agreements aren’t working, what are your rights?
  • Are some holidays treated differently than others when it comes to holiday parent-time?
  • Tips for coping with divorce during the holiday season

Blogging on a regular basis is a cost-effective way to drive new business to your law firm.

If you don’t have time to write during the holidays (or during the rest of the year), hiring a ghostwriter may be a good choice for your law firm. To learn more, listen to our podcast, “Hiring A Ghostwriter For Your Law Firm’s Website & Blog.”



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