How to Find Your Firm’s Competitive Advantage Online

by Aug 16, 2022

Most firms struggle to differentiate themselves in their marketing when they focus too much on the broader competition. However, competitive advantages can be found almost anywhere and can help your firm stand out online. Directing your marketing efforts toward the right audience, marketing verticals, and tools can help you leverage your competitive advantage. 

Read on for how potential clients are finding attorneys, potential missed opportunities to leverage your competitive advantage online, and how your website helps you connect with more potential clients on the web.

Meet your clients where they are to harness your competitive advantage

Are you harnessing your competitive advantage in the local market? If you’re unsure, think about the message you are sending online. There are reasons your clients chose you to represent them, and the better you understand these reasons, the easier you can leverage them in your digital marketing. 

The web has put control into the hands of consumers, even in the legal services market. Buyers now conduct thorough research before committing to a new product or service. With this in mind, it’s best to align your marketing with how your potential clients buy and meet them where they are.

How potential clients find attorneys online

There are surprisingly simple connections between the actions of your potential clients, your law firm’s website, and search engines such as Google. Potential clients tend to use search engines to research their legal issues and typically ask questions in longtail format, for example: “Do I need an attorney to get a divorce in Atlanta?” Whether or not a potential client knows they need an attorney, they are likely to conduct independent research on their matter before deciding to hire an attorney. This means your firm’s website needs to get in front of your potential clients while they are still in the “exploration” phase of their journey.

To get in front of more potential clients, consider how your clients are thinking about their legal problems. Understanding what they’re searching for, the words they’re using, and how they think about your services are all helpful to framing your website content. Potential clients typically use longtail keyword searches to find answers to their legal questions, and your website’s content should address both the topics of interest and the intent of the questions. 

To guide potential clients to the decision to hire your firm, help them find answers to their legal questions. By providing high-quality written content on your website, you are more likely to appear as a search result for relevant and local search queries that potential clients are making at the start of their journey. Your website’s content should focus on answering these questions thoroughly. Once they have consumed enough content to feel confident that the problem they are facing is too complex to handle on their own– and would benefit from your services– a potential client then reaches out to your law firm.

Are you missing opportunities to leverage your competitive advantage?

There is the potential to miss opportunities to leverage your firm’s competitive advantage if there is a lack of focus or thoroughness in your approach to online marketing. For example, you may be sending the wrong message online either in the information you provide or through poor website design. Think about a list of skills you can market to your potential clients. If your website fails to highlight these skills or doesn’t do a great job of explaining them, this may be a missed opportunity for effective marketing.

There may also be missed potential if you lack information or options on your website. Your potential clients are conducting online research to learn more about their legal matters and may come to the conclusion that they should hire an attorney. If your website is not a valuable resource to them for finding answers to their questions, they are less likely to feel the trust necessary to reach out to your firm. In addition, lacking a variety of avenues for contact (abundant contact forms, calls to action, etc.) can hurt your ability to reach more clients.

How your website connects you with more potential clients

Your website is the foundation of your online presence and the key to highlighting your competitive advantage. The following are the main ways your website can help to connect you with more potential clients:

  • Use functional website design for a seamless client journey. Simple, comprehensive website design is extremely helpful for connecting your website with more potential clients and keeping them on your website for longer. Using visual cues guides your leads to helpful content but avoid distracting elements such as flashy pop-up windows or excessive use of images and video.
  • Display competitive advantages. What sets you apart from the competition, and how is this best featured on your website? Client reviews, case results, and a compelling attorney bio are all ways to highlight your competitive advantage. 
  • Increase engagement and build trust. More high-quality written content that answers the legal questions of your potential clients builds trust and confidence in your work. Keeping visitors engaged and interacting with your website increases the likelihood of them reaching out.
  • Guide web visitors with calls-to-action (CTAs). Your website should be a bank of knowledge for your potential clients and provide them with real value that helps to establish you as a trusted source of information. When that trust has been established, guide potential clients to contact you by using compelling, specific calls-to-action.

How to convert more potential clients

The most successful law firm websites prioritize the needs of potential clients at every point of their journey. Attorneys looking to find their competitive advantage online first need to understand how potential clients are finding attorneys online and build marketing strategies around this behavior. In a consumer-focused market, it is important to break down the search behavior of your potential clients to support this with your website. 

LawLytics helps our members make it easier to succeed with Google and potential clients by focusing your marketing efforts on the best elements of a successful online presence. Our team handles all the technical aspects of your website and helps you highlight your competitive advantage through functional web design, easy page creation, and unlimited strategy and support sessions. If you’re not yet a LawLytics member and are interested in seeing it in action, schedule an interactive demo with our team.

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