Beginning Content Creation Tips for Law Firms: Creating a Compelling Attorney Bio

by Jun 2, 2020

Attorney bios are one of the most visited pages on law firm websites.

What does yours say about you and your law firm?

When attorneys craft bios that resonate with potential clients, these pages can go a long way toward attracting new business to a law firm.

In our recent series about beginning content creation tips for lawyers, we’ve covered how potential clients find attorneys online and the key elements of law firm website content that performs well. 

In this blog post, we discuss how to develop a compelling attorney bio that engages potential clients and sets a foundation for driving more and better potential clients to your law firm.

What is the role of the attorney bio on a law firm website?

It makes sense that an attorney bio is one of the most visited pages on law firm websites. Your potential clients want to know that you can help them with their case or matter, but they also want to know that you’re a human being.

When you write your attorney bio the right way, it can create an emotional and logical connection that demonstrates to potential clients that you are competent, caring, and the person they should select to handle their problem.

Instead, there is sometimes a disconnect between what a potential client cares about (“How much does this attorney care about my problem?” “Are they enthusiastic about what they do?” “How do I know they have the right kind of experience?” “Has this attorney helped other people like me?” “Is this attorney approachable? Do I trust them?”) and what an attorney features on their attorney bio (where they went to school/where you graduated with respect to your class/the awards and accolades you’ve received).

Elements of good attorney bios on law firm websites

Many attorney bios read more like résumés than bios: they contain bullet point lists detailing where the attorney went to law school, what bars they’re admitted to, what clubs they belong to. While your education, awards, and accomplishments can be valuable parts of your story, they need to be presented in a way that a potential client can relate to.

You can transform your bio from a list of facts into a compelling narrative, by including the following in your attorney bio:

  • Your journey to the law. What inspired you to choose this profession? Was there something in your formative years that made you passionate about a particular practice area? Explaining this in your bio helps a potential client feel a personal connection with you. It can demonstrate that you care deeply about your work and their matter.
  • Who you are as an attorney — and who you are as a person. Are you involved in the community? Are you passionate about certain causes or issues? Including these interests and activities in your bio can help a potential client see that you care about more than just winning or making money.
  • Who you have helped. Paint a picture of the kind of people you help and why you enjoy doing it. That way, a potential client can see that you’ve helped people like them in the past and that you can help them as well.
  • What you have accomplished. This is an opportunity to provide context for your awards and accomplishments. For example, talk about what went into being selected for an award, why it matters, and what it meant to you to receive that award.

Learn more about developing a compelling attorney bio for your law firm

When attorneys write their online bios with potential clients in mind, they create information that helps drive a connection between the attorney and the potential client. A good attorney bio can help a potential client like you, trust you, and ultimately decide to hire you.

To learn more about how LawLytics makes creating compelling attorney bios easy and effective, see “How to Create a More Compelling Attorney Bio With LawLytics.”

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