Marketing Hazards For Small Law Firms: Podcast Episode 17

In Episode #17, we discuss four marketing hazards for small law firms and solo practitioners that can cause them to waste time, money, and effort, and that can endanger the growth of their law firms.

These threats to law firm growth and prosperity aren’t always obvious to attorneys. When attorneys fail to recognize them, they can keep attorneys from building a sustainable foundation for their law firm and leave them confused about how to do successful online marketing.

That can lead them to spend more time and money on “solutions” that are ineffective or that are temporary but ultimately disappointing.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The danger of stigmatizing the role of law firm marketing
  • What limits an attorney’s success in online law firm marketing
  • The trouble with giving up control of your law firm’s marketing
  • What happens when attorneys create assets for someone else?
  • Competitive spending in a zero-sum environment

Tune into this episode to learn about marketing problems that small law firms face and how to make smarter, sustainable choices for your law firm’s online presence.

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