What Attorneys Should Know About Law Firm Website Design: Podcast Episode 18

In Episode #18, we discuss a topic that often occupies the minds of attorneys who are building their online presence:

Law firm website design.

While your law firm’s website design leaves an impression on potential clients and referral sources, some attorneys become focused on the wrong things as it relates to their website’s design.

In this episode, we’ll discuss several things that web designers wish attorneys knew about law firm website design, including:

  • Thinking about web design from the perspective of your potential clients
  • The importance of balancing aesthetics and usability
  • The trouble with website design fads
  • What can happen when attorneys focus too much on design elements

Listen to this episode to learn more about effective law firm website design strategies that keep attorneys from wasting time and money.

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Website Design For Lawyers

Website Design For Lawyers

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