LawLytics + Clio Integration For Law Firms

by Mar 29, 2017

LawLytics is excited to announce our partnership with Clio to provide our mutual customers with native integration between the two platforms.

This integration makes it easy for attorneys to send their law firm’s web leads and client forms directly from their LawLytics-powered websites to their Clio account, and will make attorneys’ lives and practices even easier.

Clio and LawLytics For Attorneys

How do LawLytics and Clio work together?

LawLytics helps you take care of the top of the sales funnel by attracting potential clients through effective online marketing.

LawLytics is the leading website system for lawyers who want their marketing to work without wasting time or money. Unlike overpriced marketing companies, our system adapts as your firm’s needs evolve, so you don’t overpay. And, unlike general website software, our system is built for you — the attorney — so you don’t struggle or miss opportunities.

LawLytics provides attorneys with a world-class web presence and the most efficient method of marketing for your firm. We empower you to have unlimited marketing success without the downsides of full-service marketing companies and DIY software, and without exposing you to dangerous risks.

Clio is an attorney-friendly, cloud based law practice management software that helps your firm make sure that nothing gets missed. Clio offers attorneys everything they need to run their law practice smoothly, allowing you to easily manage cases, clients, documents, bills, appointments, time-tracking, reporting, and accounting.

LawLytics + Clio 2

Form Submissions Clio LawLytics

Now, you can seamlessly integrate your Clio account with LawLytics, allowing you to send your web leads and client forms directly from your LawLytics-powered website to your Clio account.

To learn more about LawLytics’ integration with Clio, or about how to improve your law firm’s online marketing, let’s talk. Call us at 800-713-0161 or schedule a consultation.


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