How LawLytics Integrates with Clio in Just a Few Clicks

by Dec 9, 2018

Using Clio or LawLytics is a step in the right direction for most small law firms. But using these two together is a powerful one-two punch that transforms how you market and run your practice.

Syncing your Clio account to LawLytics is simple. By connecting LawLytics to your Clio account, you can easily collect information from leads and clients on your firm’s website.

Here’s how simple it is to connect your Clio account to LawLytics:

Connecting Your LawLytics & Clio Accounts

To connect your Clio account to LawLytics, log into your LawLytics account and click on “Integrations.”

Click on Clio from the Integrations menu.

Log into your Clio account.

Click the “Allow Access” button to connect LawLytics with your Clio account.

When your Clio account is connected to LawLytics, you’ll see the “You’re all set!” message.

As any Clio user knows, Clio is the hub of their firm’s daily practice activities. With Clio, you’ll always know what’s going on with clients, their matters, and your practice. Law firms that use Clio regularly save time and get more done. Attorneys who actively use Clio are in control of their practice.

Why LawLytics & Clio work well together

With the LawLytics-to-Clio integration, there’s no need to redundantly enter new client information that comes in through your website into Clio. The integration saves you time and eliminates the potential for data entry mistakes that can occur when manually transferring information.

With LawLytics, you don’t need to be a web design or marketing expert. LawLytics handles the design and technical aspects of building and maintaining a world-class website for you. You’ll get a cutting-edge law firm website that is easy to edit. Our easy-to-use system allows your law firm to create an unlimited number of customizable forms that can be placed anywhere on your website. When a form is completed by a client or potential client, the information is stored in LawLytics and optionally emailed to designated firm members.

When you use the LawLytics-to-Clio integration, your website forms are connected to your Clio account. The integration makes it simple for your firm to collect information from leads and clients on your website. You can choose to have form submissions automatically added to Clio, or can add form information to Clio on a submission-by-submission basis.

To learn more about how LawLytics and Clio work together, see our Clio Integration Page.

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