How LawLytics, Lexicata & Clio Help Attorneys Work More Efficiently

by Jul 9, 2017

Effective online content marketing helps drive business to your law firm.

But once you have a solid foundation for your marketing, and your business is growing as a result, it’s important to make sure that other systems are in place to handle a growing workload and the demands of running your practice.

Attorneys should have access to tools that allow them to take control of their marketing and their businesses, and that allow them to do their work efficiently and effectively.

We love technology that makes attorneys’ lives and practices easier. When it comes to making client intake and practice management easier, we see two top providers for attorneys:

  • Lexicata, a cloud-based client intake and client relationship management system (CRM).
  • Clio, a cloud-based practice management software.

LawLytics has a native integration partnership with both Lexicata and Clio. This allows attorneys to run their practices smoothly, from effective online marketing all the way to the conclusion of a case or matter.

Here’s how LawLytics, Lexicata and Clio can work together to help attorneys take the chaos and confusion out of running a successful law practice.

Do better online marketing for your law firm with LawLytics

LawLytics is the leading website system for lawyers who want their marketing to work without wasting time or money.

We provide you with the most efficient method of marketing for your firm and empower you to have unlimited marketing success without the downsides of full-service marketing companies and do-it-yourself software, and without exposing you to dangerous risks.

LawLytics adapts as your law firm grows, which keeps attorneys from needless expenses or committing to services that they don’t need. Because LawLytics is built for attorneys, it keeps them from struggling with technology that isn’t built for them and missing opportunities.

We provide you with a search engine-friendly responsive website, built-in blog, and everything else you need to market your law firm effectively online.

We also save attorneys time and effort by providing integrations with a number of other tools, including Lexicata and Clio, that can help you run your practice more efficiently.

Make your client intake process easy with Lexicata

Sometimes, an attorney will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. They may be doing everything right with their marketing — it’s built on a solid, sustainable, content-based foundation. And, as a result, their law firm is growing.

But they may not have thought about what needs to happen once their firm starts to grow. When attorneys neglect the next part in the revenue journey, including having adequate intake systems, what they’ve built can fall apart.

Once your marketing is working it’s important to think about other elements in the process. If you don’t, you may end up in a situation where, for example, your marketing works, but your client intake process doesn’t.

Lexicata can make client intake easy for attorneys.

Lexicata is a client relationship management (CRM) system that is designed “to help your firm build stronger relationships with prospective clients to maximize conversion rates, increase client satisfaction, and grow your revenues.”

While using LawLytics helps attorneys attract more and better potential clients at the top of the business generation/marketing funnel, Lexicata helps attorneys with the “middle” of the funnel, where the sales process lives. It helps attorneys track leads, collect information and get documents like retainer agreements signed without hassle.

Staying organized is a key aspect of running a successful business, and Lexicata gives attorneys the ability to keep communications and potential clients organized in one location.

Attorneys can easily build relationships with potential clients through educational content marketing using LawLytics. That relationship should ideally continue and grow throughout the sales process. With Lexicata’s lead and matter tracking, notes & tasks feature, and email syncing, attorneys can easily communicate with potential clients and develop better potential client relationships, increasing the chances of an aligned relationship forming and enduring.

How Lexicata and LawLytics work together: Syncing your Lexicata account to LawLytics is easy. Once your accounts are connected, you can send your LawLytics new client forms from your website to Lexicata. With each form (LawLytics lets you create an unlimited number of web forms) you choose whether to send all form submissions to Lexicata automatically, or manually on a submission-by-submission basis. Changing your preference for each form involves a simple mouse click.

Manage your law firm efficiently with Clio

When your online marketing is working and your client intake process is flowing, you’ll still have to think about how to effectively manage your cases (and your practice).

Using Clio can make this part of the process simpler.

Clio is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, cloud-based practice management software for attorneys. It helps you make sure that nothing gets missed — you can easily manage cases, clients, documents, bills, appointments, time tracking, reporting, and accounting. Clio gives you complete access to its features no matter where you are or what device you’re using (desktop, tablet, mobile).

Clio’s matter management features allow you to structure workflows, schedule meetings, and share documents with your clients. All of the contacts, meetings, expenses, and documents related to a case or matter are collected in one place, which keeps attorneys from struggling and wasting time when they can’t find important information.

Clio also helps you easily track your time, create professionally designed bills, and keep track of payments.

How Clio and LawLytics work together: Syncing your Clio account to LawLytics is simple. By connecting LawLytics to your Clio account, you can easily collect information from leads and clients on your firm’s website. The integration will then create a new Contact and Matter with the form information directly in your Clio account.

Save time with attorney-friendly technologies

Using the right technologies prevents attorneys from struggling and helps them save time and effort as they grow their practices.

LawLytics not only provides attorneys with everything they need to build and maintain a strong web presence — our system works well with a number of other marketing and law practice management tools. To learn more, see our Integrations page.

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