LawLytics & PracticePanther Integration For Law Firms

Published: 07.24.2019

Host: Victoria Blute

In this brief podcast episode, LawLytics CTO and Co-Founder Derek Johnson announces our new integration and partnership with PracticePanther.

“[The partnership and integration] really bridges the gap between LawLytics as your website marketing platform and PracticePanther as your practice management software (or CRM),” Johnson says.

“In other words, you can have all of the leads that come through your LawLytics site automatically entered into your PracticePanther account. You can also set up a page on your site just for client intake. So imagine giving all of your new clients the opportunity to fill out their paperwork right from your site, rather than doing it in your office waiting room. And all of their information goes right into your CRM.”

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