Legal Marketing Opportunity: Blog About Sandra Day O’Connor

Last week I wrote about ways that attorneys could blog about RGB given her recent passing. Media coverage of RBG includes frequent mentions of her becoming the second female member of SCOTUS, while seldom mentioning the first female Supreme Court Justice. Last Friday, September 25, 2020, was the 38th anniversary of the swearing-in of the first female member of SCOTUS, Sandra Day O’Connor.

And while O’Connor is not receiving the same attention that RBG and her nominated successor Amy Coney Barrett are receiving, there is ample opportunity to create content around O’Connor that will expand your firm’s audience and reputation. While this would be true based on her life story and accomplishments alone, the opportunity is amplified at this moment because of the partisan divide surrounding RBG’s replacement and speculation about the impact the newest Justice might have on jurisprudence of reproduction, healthcare, election law, and many other topics that are currently top of mind.

Telling O’Connor’s story in the context of the year she was appointed, and the era in which she was nominated and served, can add some important context to the current coverage of Barrett’s looming confirmation process.

Looking at Justice O’Connor’s confirmation, including the questions that she was asked surrounding her views on abortion can provide interesting and helpful guidance on how to interpret the process, including the questions asked of and responses given by Barrett. You can add additional context by framing the political climate of O’Connor’s time, including the precariousness of the young Roe v. Wade decision, which at the time of O’Connor’s nomination was less than 10 years old.

While there are obviously plenty of opportunities to create engaging content about Barrett’s history, jurisprudence, beliefs, process, and personal history (I’ll list some ideas in another post), those are likely more obvious, to more lawyers, so more attorneys will likely blog about them.

Remember, as an attorney with a blog you have a much-needed lens that can help a struggling country understand the current SCOTUS turnover in a way that they can’t from the news and pundits.

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