Level Up Your Law Firm Website Homepage with These Tips

by Oct 26, 2022

The homepage of your law firm’s website is arguably the most important page on your website. It works to inform potential clients about who you are, who you serve, and why you’re the best fit for their legal issue. In sum, your homepage acts as your digital “elevator pitch.” 

Read on for the bare necessities of your website homepage and everything you need to take your homepage to the next level to drive more business to your firm online.

What is the minimum my homepage needs?

There’s no one look for a law firm website homepage, but every successful homepage shares the same elements. The information your homepage should have includes:

  • The name of your firm: This one’s a given, but make sure to have it featured in several places!
  • Contact information and hours of operation: Your phone number and office hours should appear clearly and prominently. Indicate whether you offer 24/7 phone access if applicable.
  • Location and areas you serve: Your office address(es) or areas you serve should be listed clearly.
  • Practice areas: It’s recommended that these are listed as icons on your homepage and are linked to their respective practice area pages.
  • Contact form: Your homepage will benefit from having a quick and easy contact form for potential clients to interact with.

How can I take my website homepage to the next level?

There are several possible ways a potential client may find your firm’s website: Through a link to a practice area page, blog, your attorney bio, or a direct referral to the homepage. Regardless of how your potential clients are entering your website, it’s very likely they will be interacting with your homepage at some point during their visit. Below are some key ways you can ensure your homepage is high-quality and optimized to help a potential client engage with your law firm.

Your homepage is easy to use. 

A complicated homepage that’s difficult to navigate may cause your web visitors to become frustrated or confused and ultimately leave your website. An effective homepage design will provide clear guidance to a next step so your potential clients can quickly get to their desired destination. Whether they would like to find your latest blog post, read up on your attorney bio, or get in touch, your homepage should make it easy to access what they need. Keep in mind that your homepage isn’t your whole website, so be sure to keep it uncluttered and clear. If something isn’t relevant to what you need a potential client to know in their first 30 seconds, then it doesn’t need to be on your homepage.

Your design is simple and attractive.

Some attorneys find empty space on their homepage intimidating, and may be tempted to fill every available space with words or visual elements. However, it’s best to embrace a simplified design for your website homepage to avoid overwhelming your web visitors or distracting them from getting in touch with your firm. The overuse of bells and whistles such as animated design elements, pop-ups, and videos can create “visual noise” and should be kept to a minimum or avoided altogether. The use of images when appropriate throughout your homepage can add visual interest as long as they are high-quality, professional, and relevant.

Your homepage is often your first opportunity to introduce your branding to your potential clients. Branding elements such as your logo, colors, and fonts all contribute to your firm’s messaging and the emotions you’re evoking in your potential clients. These will ultimately contribute to your firm’s brand personality, so take the time to choose branding elements with intent, and ensure your choices are applied throughout your website.

You communicate what makes you unique.

Your website’s homepage is an excellent place to capture what’s unique about your law firm. Use the body of your homepage to communicate who you are, your approach to law, and what you will do for the client. Overall, your introduction paragraph should clearly outline why you’re the best choice and how your qualifications and experience put potential clients in good hands. Keep this content client-centric to show that you care about your clients and their legal matters.

Your homepage is responsive.

A fast-loading, responsive website is an absolute must for attorneys. If your website is slow to load or difficult to use on a mobile device or tablet, potential clients may abandon your site. A good rule of thumb is ensure your pages load in under three seconds to avoid a web visitor abandoning your site. Be sure to check the load speed on mobile devices to confirm your website is working properly for mobile users.

It’s easy to get in touch with you.

Getting in touch with your firm should be the easiest part of your potential client’s hiring journey. If a potential client is making an effort to find your contact information, you may have already lost their business. Instead, make sure your address, phone number, and office hours are prominently displayed throughout your homepage and website. Click-to-call phone numbers make your phone number interactive for mobile users – a feature that is readily available for LawLytics members.

Stop struggling with your law firm website design.

Taking the time to optimize your law firm website homepage can make a big difference for your potential clients online. If your homepage doesn’t give a positive first impression, a potential client may simply leave your website. They may even choose to visit a competitor’s website instead.

If you want to turn your homepage – and the rest of your law firm’s website – into an effective marketing tool that engages new clients, LawLytics can help. Our law firm website platform makes creating an attractive and effective website quick and easy. To learn more or see the platform in action, schedule a 20-minute interactive demo with a product expert today.

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