Three Steps to Fix Your Online Legal Marketing

by May 16, 2019

Three-quarters of attorneys say that acquiring new clients is a major challenge for their firm. Yet, only a small percent are changing the way they market their practice.

There are better and more effective ways for attorneys to market themselves online today than in the past. When it’s done right, online marketing puts you in the driver’s seat, keeps you from wasting time and money, and ensures that you have the data that you need to make informed decisions about your law firm’s online marketing.

Here’s how to get the most out of your law firm’s online marketing.

1. Avoid wasting time and money on your online legal marketing

There are two things that you can invest in your law firm’s online marketing: time and money. Regardless of whether you have more of one than the other, taking a strategic approach to your online marketing will keep you from wasting either of them.

One of the best ways to avoid wasting time with your online marketing is to choose law firm website software that’s designed for your specific needs as an attorney. Attorneys often waste time by trying to take the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to their website marketing and it tends to leave them frustrated and confused.

Choosing website software that works with you reduces frustration and confusion — when attorneys choose software that has their needs in mind, they’re able to engage in their online marketing efficiently without having to become part-time technology experts. That gives them the ability to focus on what matters most — their clients.

Taking the DIY approach is one end of the online marketing spectrum; on the other end is overspending on marketing services that may or may not move the needle for your firm.

One of the best ways to check on how you are spending your online marketing budget is to check whether you’re spending money on an asset or an expense. Assets have long-term value that goes beyond the moment that it’s created. For example, a detailed practice area page or blog post will continue to drive traffic to your law firm’s website so long as the material on that page or post stays relevant. To learn more about whether you’re investing in an asset or an expense, see our blog post: “How Are You Spending Your Online Law Firm Marketing Budget?

LawLytics keeps attorneys from wasting time and money by providing a website platform designed specifically for small law firms. It’s built for lawyers, and provides you with everything you need to market your firm online, which keeps you from struggling and missing opportunities. It also adapts as your firm grows, which keeps you from overpaying or committing to services that you don’t need. When you use the LawLytics system and strategy, the end result is a better law firm website for your firm which becomes a sustainable money-making asset that predictably produces the business you want.

2. Make sure you’re in control of your law firm’s online marketing

Control over your online marketing doesn’t mean that you have to do everything — or anything — by yourself. But it does mean that you understand what’s being done and why as it relates to your law firm’s online marketing. It means that you can do things like independently measure your results and develop better marketing by looking at your firm’s marketing data.

It also means that you can access your assets easily — you know where they are, what purpose they serve in your online marketing, and, if you need to make a change to them, you can do so at any time, without the assistance of someone else.

For example, let’s say you’ve discovered some text on your law firm’s website that’s factually inaccurate. Do you have the ability to log in at any time to make a change to that text? Or do you have to make a phone call, request the change, and then wait before someone can correct the error? If this is the state of your law firm’s online marketing, you are not in control of it.

However, when you’re using a system like LawLytics, you have the ability to access your law firm’s website, make any changes you need to, and publish new web pages at any time.

3. Make sure that you know what works — and what doesn’t — when it comes to your online marketing

When attorneys don’t have access to information they need to make smart decisions about their online marketing, the effectiveness of their online marketing suffers.

Aside from knowing whether you’re investing in an online marketing asset or expense, it’s also important to have access to the raw data associated with your law firm’s online marketing.

Be cautious of using “vanity metrics” as a means of gauging the success of your online marketing strategy.

For example, if it doesn’t lead to an increase in your firm’s profits and revenue, traffic to your site alone is meaningless. “Clicks,” “Hits,” “Visitors,” and other similar concepts don’t necessarily mean much in terms of your law firm’s bottom line and may not do much to help you achieve your goals of reaching new clients through your website.

To learn more about how to measure the success of your law firm online, listen to our podcast episode on vanity metrics, or read our blog post: “Are Vanity Metrics Hurting Your Law Firm’s Marketing?

With LawLytics, we provide you with the metrics that matter most to the success of your law firm’s website. Our attorney-friendly reports make it easy to see and understand your law firm’s website traffic and performance in real time. You’ll instantly have access to information that can help you make better decisions about your marketing.

When you have access to your raw data and you understand what they mean, you’ll be able to make gradual improvements to your overall web presence while allowing you to decide how you spend your time, your money, and how you guide your law firm’s future.

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