Everywhere Your Law Firm’s Website Address Could and Should Be

by Mar 16, 2022

There are several platforms and physical spaces your website could and should be listed – and many of them are totally free. The benefit of listing your firm’s website in multiple places is basic accessibility for potential clients and the process takes little time and effort for attorneys. 

Here are some spaces and places where your website address should be present.

Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business is an essential tool for your firm to manage your online presence across Google and can be effective in increasing traffic to your website. Rather than acting solely as a space to display your firm’s phone number and physical address, your GMB listing can be optimized to improve your website’s SEO. For best results, your GMB listing needs to be completed at 100% with full accuracy. In addition, continue to monitor your listing for new reviews, accurate information and relevant business updates. If your firm’s web address not currently linked to your GMB, fix this first! 

Bonus: Share blog posts and announcements to your GMB listing (under Updates) to direct traffic to your website and engage with potential clients. Posts can reach up to 1,500 characters and are displayed directly on your GMB listing in searches and Google Maps.

Social Media

Social media platforms are effective and free spaces for you to list your firm’s website. It’s useful to link your website on both your personal profiles as well as your firm’s pages to encourage organic traffic. While there are several platforms available to choose from, keep things simple when navigating how best to drive traffic back to your website through social media.

Bonus: Put a link to your firm’s website in the caption of a post, or link out to your website when creating a boosted ad on Facebook.

Your email signature

Neglecting your email signature is a common mistake made by attorneys, yet so simple to avoid. “Sent from my iPhone” does not tell a potential or current client, referral source, or new connection anything about you besides your preference for Apple over Android. Sync your desktop signature with your mobile signature and be sure that your website’s address is prominently displayed and hyperlinked for easy access.

Firm directories

Claiming and managing your profile on free, well-ranked legal directories can be beneficial to lawyers by increasing visibility and validation to potential clients. However, avoid linking out to a legal directory on your firm’s website– including badges and awards. The purpose of legal directories is to drive traffic to your website, never the opposite!

Your business card

While it may seem obvious, it’s worth noting that your firm’s website should be listed on your business card. You never know how a potential client will get in touch with you, so make it easy for them and give them several avenues to reach out.

Bonus: Venture into modern information sharing with a QR code that new connections or potential clients can scan to easily save your vCard or navigate to your website.

Any non-digital marketing and branding

Whether it is a highway billboard or a ballpoint pen, be sure to display your website when possible for consistent messaging and an easy way to get in touch with your firm. This can also be another opportunity to experiment with QR codes to easily direct leads to your website.


Consistent branding for your firm should be delivered throughout the entire client relationship. Don’t forget about branding your invoices with your logo, website, and other contact information.


Chances are, there is open real estate somewhere on your current letterhead. Despite the physical nature of the letters, consider putting your firm’s website here.


If your firm sends out regular newsletters to current and past clients and referral sources, check your email marketing platform for all the ways you can link out your website. For example, you can create clickable buttons that direct readers to your website and hyperlink the images throughout the newsletter to your firm’s web address.

Bonus: Double-check that your firm’s logo is hyperlinked with your firm’s website address on both the header and footer of the newsletter.


Yelp is one of the most trafficked business directories on the internet. Claim your free business listing and complete it with firm branding and contact information for a leg up on your local competition.

Drive more traffic to your website by sharing your web address strategically

Taking the time to share your website’s address across platforms your potential clients are regularly using is an easy way to drive traffic to your firm’s website. After covering your bases, your time and energy can be directed toward growing your online presence. The LawLytics platform helps you go above and beyond to easily develop and support your firm’s online reputation by providing you with tools to create and share blog posts, develop engaging attorney bios, case results, and more.

When you join LawLytics, you’ll get access to our software, support, and strategy. We’ll show you how to use our software, how to create high-quality content on your website, and how to develop your online presence. The result is a law firm website that drives more — and better aligned — potential clients to your law firm.

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