Which Social Media Platforms Do Attorneys Really Need?

by Apr 28, 2017

Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn…it seems like there’s no shortage of social media platforms for people to choose from.

And social media can be a good supplement to your law firm’s web presence.

But the trick to using social media effectively is a) knowing that it’s supplemental to your law firm’s blog and website and b) choosing the right platforms.

Which social media should law firms choose?

Just because people use all sorts of different social media sites doesn’t mean that attorneys benefit by signing up for every site.

When you’re strategic about which social media sites you use — and you use them wisely — you can develop a supplement to your law firm’s web presence that gives your brand consistency and helps drive traffic to your law firm’s website.

Here are the three social media platforms that we recommend for attorneys to supplement their web presence.

Law Firm Social Media Site #1: Facebook

Facebook continues to be the most popular social media platform with roughly 8 in 10 online adults (that’s 68 percent of Americans) using it. Three-quarters of Facebook users use the site on a daily basis, making it a good place to reach potential clients.

And that’s in all age groups: Young people continue to use Facebook in large numbers, but older adults are joining, as well. In 2015, nearly 50 percent of online adults, age 65 and older, reported using Facebook. Now, that number has risen to 62 percent, and will likely continue to grow.

Law Firm Social Media Site #2: Twitter

While not as many individuals use Twitter as they do Facebook, Twitter is still extremely useful for law firms.

It’s a great place for real-time discussions with other attorneys and for publishing links to new information on your law firm website. It’s an easy way to engage with interesting people in your community and elsewhere and can serve as a nice way to engage with both attorneys and potential clients.

Being limited to 140 characters might seem restrictive, but it encourages users to get right to the point and provide something interesting to your followers. So few characters gives you an opportunity to harness your brand’s voice.

Law Firm Social Media Site #3: LinkedIn

While the number of users on LinkedIn has remained fairly steady over the past year (roughly 30 percent of people use the site), it’s still a great way for attorneys to reach people — particularly, their peers and referral sources.

Many lawyers are on LinkedIn and can provide a good source of referrals for your firm, as well as endorsing your work. LinkedIn can also be a good place to engage in the online discussion through posting articles.

To learn more about that, read our blog post:

Should Attorneys Publish Articles On LinkedIn? 5 Things Law Firms Will Want To Consider.

How do I use social media effectively for my law firm?

Social media can be beneficial to your law firm’s web presence when you use it correctly.

We discussed how to use social media effectively in the second part of our three-part “Start-Grow-Dominate” series for law firms. To learn more about how to use social media the right way, I recommend watching that three-part law firm marketing series.

LawLytics makes social media for law firms easy.

When done right, social media can fit seamlessly into the rest of your online marketing activities.

LawLytics makes social media easy. You can quickly and easily associate your social media accounts, and publish new information like law firm blog posts in just a few clicks. social announce blog posts

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