Why Lawyers Should Focus on Content Instead of Keywords

Published: 07.22.2020

Host: Victoria Blute

Keywords are related to topics: they’re the connection between what your potential clients are looking for and the content that Google might return to that search user when they search for particular queries.

Some attorneys believe there are specific types and amounts of keywords they need to focus on to succeed with search engine optimization (SEO) for their law firm’s website. 

Keywords have their place in SEO, but overvaluing keywords is unlikely to guide potential clients to your law firm’s website or encourage them to contact your firm. (And, if you’re engaging in practices such as keyword stuffing — which is prohibited by Google — it can make it even more challenging for potential clients to find you if the search engine relegates your site in search results.)

In this episode of the Law Firm Marketing Decoded Podcast, we discuss why lawyers should focus on their website’s content instead of focusing on keywords.

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