How To Write Effective Q&A Pages For Your Law Firm’s Website

by Jun 23, 2016

There are several types of pages that add to the value to your law firm’s website and, more importantly, that add value to the experience of the potential client who finds you on the web. One kind of page is the Questions & Answers (Q&A) section of your law firm’s website.

Law firm website pages should be meaty and full of high-quality content, and that includes your Q&A page. The material you provide there should be useful and informative, as well trustworthy. The way you answer those questions should help your potential client feel confident about you as an authority.

Whether it’s a blog post or a substantive page, each page on your website is an opportunity to address questions your potential clients have. Here’s how to make a better Q&A pages that attract the attention of your potential clients, referral sources and search engines.

Address your potential clients’ questions in the language they use most often.

One of the best ways to get started with a Q&A page is to think about what you’re asked when you’re face-to-face with a client. When you’re sitting across the desk from them, what do they want to know? What are they asking you? What are their concerns and fears? These are the same questions that your potential clients are asking of search engines. Contrary to what some attorneys may believe — and what some SEO providers may be telling you — it’s unlikely that your potential clients are typing in keywords to search engines such as, “Criminal Defense Attorney.” They’re much more likely to be asking specific questions of search engines.

Avoid legal jargon when you’re addressing those questions. Your potential clients come from various backgrounds and may not have a legal education. Legal jargon can sometimes be confusing or off-putting, and it can interfere with your potential clients’ ability to understand the responses to the questions they have. By making that information accessible both on the web and in the mind of your potential client, you increase the likelihood that your potential client views you as someone who understands them and is the right person to assist them.

What kinds of questions do potential clients ask?

Potential clients tend to ask very specific questions of Google. They may be asking questions such as, “What do I need to do before my arraignment on assault charges in [a particular city]?” They may not always use the same terms an attorney is likely to use in describing the same case or problem.

Potential clients also want to know about other things that their case or problem may affect. They ask questions such as whether they should be worried about their job, whether they can travel out of the country before their problem is resolved, and whether they’ll have enough money to pay their medical bills while a lawsuit is pending.

What is the best way to create a Q&A page on a law firm website?

There are a few different ways to create a questions & answers page that’s useful to your potential clients, search engines and referral sources.

One choice is to create a single dedicated page for all of your questions and answers. This style has value in particular for potential clients who may be curious about their case or problem but don’t yet know what questions they need to be asking. This style allows them to browse through various questions they may not have considered but that are highly relevant to their case. The downside to this approach is that it may not be as good at attracting the search engines to individual questions because there’s so much information on a single page.

An alternative choice is to create an index on a page that features all of the questions. From the index, you can create an individual page for each question. (This is extremely easy to do on the LawLytics platform.) From that master page, your potential clients are then able to scan the questions and click on those that interest them. They’ll be taken to the dedicated page for each question.

Those individual pages are useful for a couple different reasons. From a potential client’s perspective, it helps to minimize distraction and allows them to focus on one answer at a time. From the search engine side, search engines may quickly find and index those individual questions pages which may help your content get seen in search results when it’s relevant to a query.

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