Beginning Law Firm Website Content Creation Tips: Series Introduction

by May 22, 2020

Google provides search results for billions of search queries each day. 

Many people use Google to find advice and answers to their questions, including your law firm’s potential clients, who are researching their case or matter before they hire an attorney. 

When a search user asks a question of Google, the links that Google returns on a search results page lead to content. When you find a new recipe on the internet, read a news story from a news aggregate, or learn how to solve a common problem from the information you found on a website, you’re consuming content.

Your potential clients are consuming content, too. Right now, they’re looking for website content that will help them understand more about the problem they’re facing and what to do next.

Is your law firm’s website providing that information? If not, you’re missing an opportunity to drive more — and better — business to your law firm.

The world’s information is at our fingertips, available to us at any moment through search engines that deliver relevant content to us when we make a related search. Consumers don’t just read website content — they make important decisions based on that content, such as contacting a law firm when they’re in need of legal representation. As a result, creating and publishing content to your law firm’s website is crucial if you want to drive new business to your law firm through free search engine traffic. 

Content Creation for Attorneys: What This Series Will Cover

This blog post introduces a new multi-part series that will cover beginning content creation tips for law firm websites.

Whether you’ve never written content for your law firm before or need a refresher on best practices for high-quality content creation — this series is for you, the attorney.

We’ll start by discussing the surprisingly simple connections between your law firm’s website, Google, and your potential clients. Understanding how these things are connected will help your law firm save time and money and avoid unnecessary risk that can damage your web presence.

We’ll then cover how to start creating high-quality content for your firm, how to develop a manageable content plan, as well as best practices for creating the pages that make up a successful foundation for a law firm’s website. We’ll discuss how to create attorney bios and case results that tell compelling stories and inspire potential clients to like, trust, and hire you. We’ll also discuss what makes the best and most useful substantive pages and blog posts.

Posts in this series:

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