Drive Traffic to Your Firm’s Website with These Six Social Media Posts (With Examples!)

by May 11, 2022

Not all social media strategies are created equal across industries. For lawyers, the intent of your social media marketing should be to drive traffic to your website. If you’ve found yourself spending a large chunk of your time or marketing budget on social media, it’s time to scale back and redirect your strategy.

If you’re new to social media marketing or looking to channel your efforts more efficiently, continue reading for six types of posts that work to drive traffic to your firm’s website.

Where to focus social media efforts

Avoid wasting any of your firm’s precious resources on marketing strategy that fails to drive traffic to your website and start with the essentials. Stay away from having a laundry list of profiles that are updated sparingly or take too much time to manage. 

Not every social media platform is going to be effective for driving traffic to your website. Here are the three zones of social media platforms:

Green Zone: These are the pillars of a law firm’s social media presence. If you can manage all three, this is ideal– LawLytics makes it easy to connect your social media accounts to your website and publish new content directly through our platform!

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Grey Zone: These platforms could be effective if you’re particularly social media savvy and dedicated to posting content regularly.

  • Instagram
  • TikTok

Red Zone: These aren’t proven to drive traffic to your website or attract the attention of your ideal client.

  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat

Six types of social media posts for law firms


Your story

Storytelling is effective for showing the personality behind your firm and helping potential clients decide whether to hire you for their legal issue. By showing who you are and how you help your clients, you can quickly engage potential clients and generate more interest in your firm’s offerings. 

Sharing your personal beliefs, experiences, and values on your social media are all excellent ways to tell your story as an attorney and as a human being. Do this by posting:

  • Your personal journey to becoming a lawyer. What got you into this line of work and what makes you continue to show up every day?
  • A client story that resonates with you and your practice.
  • Quotes or anecdotes of people who inspire or mentor you.
  • Photos of your family or lessons that family life has taught you and grown you as a professional.

Updates, news, blogs

Sharing your firm’s blog posts and other news updates on social media is effective for advertising your firm’s value and driving more traffic to your website. By focusing on the educational value your social media (and by extension, your website) provides, you will avoid alienating potential clients with a sales approach and easily gain their trust. 

Announcing a blog post with a short description or intro paragraph works to generate interest in the post and encourages scrollers to click on the link to read more on your website. It’s also recommended to include a relevant image for the blog post to catch the reader’s eye. Apply this formula to any other firm announcement or news post that is published to your website.

Case results

Showcasing your firm’s wins is one of the best ways to attract attention on social media and drive more traffic to your website. Approach this tactic from the perspective of your potential clients. Consider what types of stories or cases they may be interested in discovering your firm handles successfully.

A few creative ways to share your firm’s case results include:

  • A blog post about the nature of the case and how your firm worked to secure the win.
  • A video testimonial from a happy client.
  • Pictures with your happy client and their settlement check.
  • Graphic designs that display your firm’s settlement amount
  • Feature case results on your website using the LawLytics Case Results Feature and then seamlessly share those on social media.

Client testimonials

Similar to case results, client testimonials validate the hard work your firm does for your clients. If a potential client is on the fence about hiring you for their legal issue, a strong testimonial may be the push they need to make their decision. 

Good client reviews must be actively pursued. Make sure you have a system in place for requesting testimonials from your clients after closing their case. Similar to case results, client testimonials can be posted in quote format, in a graphic design, or in video format. Always provide a link to the testimonials page on your website to drive more traffic once you have grabbed their attention.

Firm highlights

Your firm is more than your case results and testimonials. Show another side of your practice with a “behind the scenes” perspective that displays the work culture and personality of your firm. 

Think of what you’re doing in your everyday office life that you can quickly capture and convert to social media such as:

  • Employee shout-outs like Employee of the Month, Meet the Team, or highlighting team members for certain achievements or milestones.
  • An inside look at you hard at work for your clients. Take a selfie at the courthouse or take a picture of you in the field doing what needs to be done for your clients.
  • Firm milestones such as a new office, new stationery or business cards, or a new storefront sign that give others on social media the chance to share their excitement with you.

Community engagement

To dominate your local market, you need to be present in the local market. This means being involved in community groups and events and finding ways to give back. Not only is this good for your conscience, it also helps build your firm’s reputation as one that cares for both their clients and their community. 

Your community engagement should fit with your current life and practice to make it easy for you to be excited about and share with others. Some areas to get involved in and share on social media include:

  • Local legal groups (local bar associations, women’s legal groups, minority legal groups).
  • A group at your church.
  • The board of local non-profit organizations that align with your values and/or practice.
  • Social exercise groups.
  • Local attorney happy hours and other attorney events.

Help social media help you

Social media can be a great way to connect with an audience you may not have been able to attract otherwise, but it’s important to know that all posts are in essence temporary, and shouldn’t be overwhelming your marketing resources in time or money. Website content that is sharable to your social media (such as blog posts and news updates) is ideal for maximizing your website’s visibility across search engines and social media.

Your social media is representative of your firm regardless of how active you are on any given platform. Ensure that all posts, comments, and interactions are published in your voice and reflect you and your practice accurately and within ethics guidelines. 

If you’re a LawLytics customer, we’re here to provide guidance on social media and support for connecting your accounts to our platform. If you are not yet a LawLytics member and would like to know more about how LawLytics can help your firm grow, schedule a 20-minute interactive demo.

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