Outperform Your Local Competition (Regardless of Your Marketing Budget!)

by Apr 25, 2022

There’s a lot of noise out there that can interfere with your small law firm’s ability to connect with your ideal potential clients. Every time we get online, we’re bombarded with advertisements. On search engines such as Google, where paid advertising seems to dominate, how can you keep your firm’s website consistently visible to your potential clients without buying into disposable ad campaigns? 

Focusing on assets you own and control will yield better results for your marketing strategy. Read on to learn how your firm can come out on top in more Google searches regardless of your marketing budget. 

What are Google Ads?

Law firms and other businesses are able to purchase ad space on Google through Google Ads. Google Ads, a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising solution, “works by displaying your ads when people search online for the products and services you offer.” Google Ads and other PPC advertising earn Google money when a searcher clicks on the ad. 

In order for law firms to hold their advertised spot in search results, they must upkeep a budget that will pay for their cost per click. This can get expensive over time because, without any long-term marketing plans, these ad spaces could be the only thing driving traffic to your website from search engines. 

It is also important to keep in mind that while increasing traffic to your website can be a step in the right direction for growing your firm, it won’t be effective if that traffic isn’t made up of viable potential clients. Not every website visitor will be your ideal client – sometimes traffic from paid ads can be from a family member, your competition, or a salesperson looking for your contact information. This means you could be paying for clicks from sources that do not generate business for your firm. Therefore, it’s best to focus on what you can control and what will yield the best return on investment when making decisions about your marketing.

Google Ads and how they can affect your firm’s website

Google has made steady progress toward increased ad space on search results pages with up to four advertised spots for any query. These website listings appear above organic search results and are labeled with “Ad” in bold to the left of the listing. 

While Google Ads only show up for relevant queries, they may not be the best match for that search despite appearing above other organic results– and thus may not be providing the best value to the Google user. In addition, these paid spots can be very expensive for businesses to obtain and maintain and can require a sizable budget for the gamble that their advertised listing targets their ideal client. 

Although paid advertising is expected when browsing the web or using a search engine, an overwhelming volume of paid listings can be cumbersome to searchers– especially those on mobile devices. Multiple paid ad spaces for search results can force a user to scroll more than half the length of the first page before they reach organic search results. If a potential client is on a mobile device, this may mean they are only exposed to a handful of organic, local results before making a page selection. This limitation of space on Google’s first page of results makes visibility even more important for law firms looking to drive business through their website traffic. 

Google Business Profile: Your website’s best sidekick

With the dominating presence of paid advertising on Google search results, Google Business Profile can be the best sidekick to your firm’s website in the fight against the large or bottomless marketing budgets of competing firms. It’s not only free to use but also makes the ultimate SEO pairing to your firm’s website.

Google Business Profile (GBP) is a free business listing intended for local businesses to manage their web presence on Google Search and Google Maps. Your Google Business Profile, when optimized, will appear in relevant and local searches on Google Maps. On Google Maps, searchers can toggle through various business listings that are local to that map location viewing their reviews, Updates, and other information all in one place. This side-by-side comparison feature provides a great opportunity for your firm to beat out your local competitors and drive more potential clients to your website with great reviews, clear and updated pictures, and easy ways to get in touch with your firm among other optimizations.

Tip: Get started optimizing your Google Business Profile and driving more traffic to your website through Google with our GBP Guide.

Your GBP helps your website beat out paid advertisements because it will show up on Google Maps for relevant and local searches regardless of other ad spots. Optimizing your GBP to effectively communicate the area you serve and the services you provide will help your firm appear on Google Maps results for searches that best match with those factors.

Your website to the rescue! Beat ads with great content.

Google’s objective is to match search queries with the best possible results. While paid advertising such as Google Ads and other PPC ads may highlight your ad above some search results, these do not help your website’s SEO rankings, as confirmed by Google. Regardless of the budget allocated to paid advertising, Google will still work to match a query with the best matched result based on a website’s content. This is excellent news for attorneys because it means you can still remain competitive in search results and beat out other firms with larger marketing budgets.

Having great website content drives more leads for your firm and keeps Google happy, making it the key to your SEO success. Good website content works to keep your firm’s website discoverable to relevant and local searches that are performed by potential clients. It also gives your web visitors the answers to their legal issues they were seeking, providing excellent education value and building trust with your potential clients as an authoritative resource. If your website achieves both visibility and quality, it can become a driving source of new business for your firm.

In sum, optimizing your Google Business Profile and keeping fresh content on your website are two of the best ways to remain visible on Google. 

LawLytics helps you outperform your competition (while remaining within budget).

Creating a web presence for your law firm can be simple and affordable. Your small law firm can come out on top even with small yet consistent efforts to your website. At LawLytics, we keep you focused on what matters for driving traffic to your website and provide you with the system, strategy, and support you need.

Our platform is designed to provide attorneys with everything you need to outperform your local competition and avoid sinking your money into risky advertising schemes that aren’t guaranteed to  target your ideal client.

To see how LawLytics can work with your other marketing efforts to effectively grow your business, schedule an interactive 20-minute demo.

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