6 Questions For DUI Defense Firms That Help Grow Their Web Presence

by Apr 3, 2017

Building a web presence that attracts potential clients can seem confusing.

But with the right roadmap and the right tools to help you get there, this phase of growing your DUI defense firm can be exciting. You’re taking the first steps in the right direction to building a strong online foundation that will help to generate revenue for your firm. Building up your substantive pages and blogs are part of this phase, but another thing that’s worth doing is tracking some data.

You might not be getting a lot of traffic with a newly launched site, but there are all kinds of data that can be relevant to growing your DUI defense web presence and getting more clients.

Here are several questions to ask to think about as you’re growing your web presence.

What types of cases is your DUI defense firm attracting?

Look at the kinds of cases that your DUI defense firm is attracting.

Our Vice President of Strategy and Content Operations, Rachel Chalot, provides some guidance for DUI defense attorneys:

“For example, you might practice in an area with widespread opiate addiction,” she says. “Maybe you’re seeing a significant amount of cases of driving under the influence of heroin or oxycontin. Or you might be practicing in a university town and you’re seeing a large number of cases coming from underage drivers.”

What DUI trends do you notice in your area?

Rachel also notes that it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on larger trends in your area.

“For example, as bike commuting increases in popularity, are more individuals being charged with cycling under the influence? If marijuana has recently become — or is about to become — legal for recreational use, do you anticipate more of these DUI cases? We’ve seen incredibly popular blogs and substantive pages written around local events that often result in DUI arrests such as professional sports games and festivals.”

What local information do your clients need as they progress through the court system?

You can also gather information that’s useful for creating local pages.

For example, we’ve had attorneys write about:

  • Where someone should park when they arrive for their DUI arraignment
  • When to expect limited parking because of jury selection
  • What courtroom a person should expect to go to
  • If childcare or other services are available

…And other topics such as if there’s a judge who routinely hears nothing but DUI arraignments — who that judge is, and what the person can expect when they see the judge.

What other helpful information can you provide to someone charged with a DUI?

We’ve seen popular pages about things that aren’t directly related to legal services, but that someone charged with a DUI might be interested in. An example of this might be a page or blog post that answers a question like: What is the consequence of a DUI on my California state nursing license?

What kinds of questions do you and your law firm staff receive?

Make the most of the questions that you and members of your firm receive by pooling the questions together and writing content related to those questions. If you have partners, associates, and/or support staff, consider creating a shared document that everyone can contribute to. These questions can be incorporated into you your law firm FAQ pages. They can also serve as inspiration for future pages or blog posts to add to your site.

What technologies can help you plan DUI blog posts and substantive pages?

When it comes to looking at larger trends, one tool we like using is the Google Trends tool.

It’s an interesting tool that can give you insight into particular search patterns or particular seasonal patterns. For example, how often do Google users search for the term “ignition interlock” over the last five years? Here’s an image of what that might look like:

ignition interlock search phoenix arizona dui defense

As you can see in this example, there seems to be a spike for this term in the summer months. That piece of information could be a tool that you use to plan a blog series around the ignition interlock device. You might discuss things like how that device is used, or where someone could go locally to get that installed.

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