The Basic Pages Every Law Firm Website Needs

by Jul 6, 2022

If you’re looking to expand your digital presence and drive more business to your law firm from the web, start with your website. By prioritizing and publishing the information your potential clients need most, a good website can become a great website– engaging, informative, and actionable. 

Read on for tips on page organization and the top pages your website needs to be successful.

Page organization/navigation and effective website design

Successful legal websites are organized and easy for web visitors to navigate. Your potential clients are dealing with complicated or stressful legal issues and are looking for comprehensive answers and guidance. Your website’s pages should be organized in a way that makes it easy to achieve these objectives.

Here at LawLytics, we recommend a “three-click” test to audit your navigation for ease of use. If your sitemap is overly complicated, web visitors may get frustrated and leave your site. To apply the three-click test, try navigating to a number of secondary pages from your website’s homepage. If you can get to the desired pages in three clicks or fewer,  you likely have a well-structured navigation. If you need to reorder or update your website’s navigation, LawLytics makes this easy with simple drag-and-drop technology.

Top pages your website needs  

Every successful law firm website starts with a few basic pages to effectively engage and convert more web visitors. Below are the top pages that every law firm website needs:

About Page

Use this space to give a little background about your firm– what areas you serve, your practice areas, and a brief origin story. Your About Page should set you apart from your competitors and answer the question: “What makes you unique?” Consider what your potential clients may be interested in knowing about you and your firm.

Attorney Bio

You can also use this section for your Attorney Bio. This should showcase who you are as both a person and as an attorney. Consider explaining why you became an attorney and why your work is so important to you. Effective attorney bios go beyond listing your education, accomplishments, and awards– take your bio a step further by focusing on the benefits you provide to clients and how you work to make your clients lives easier.

Case Results

Effective case results have a story arc that shows what obstacles you and your client faced and what you did to overcome them to achieve a desired outcome. Provide details about how you helped your client in the short and long term to demonstrate how your efforts can help a potential client with their legal issue. 

Client Testimonials

Display positive client testimonials that are a good length and reasonably detailed. An effective client testimonial gives specific details about how you successfully helped that client. It’s impactful if the client also includes a recommendation for your firm and its services– this will help build trust with potential clients more quickly. 

To learn more on how to get started collecting and posting client reviews to your website, review this article.

Contact Page

Make sure it’s easy for your potential clients to contact you by providing a contact page. Your firm’s contact page should include your firm’s phone and fax numbers, office address, website address, and links to any social media profiles. If you’re taking virtual meetings at this time, your contact page is a good place to note this. Linking to your contact page in the calls-to-action on your website will make it easy for potential clients to reach out when it’s the right time. Your firm’s contact information should also be accessible on your website homepage as well as all page headers and footers. Finally, you will want to embed an easy-to-use contact form on other pages on your site to remove any communication barrier between you and your potential clients.

Practice Area Pages

Your website’s practice area pages provide context to the type of legal issues you can help your potential clients with and serve as a valuable resource to your web visitors as they seek answers to their legal questions. Practice area pages should answer the legal questions your potential clients have about their case or matter and guide them through the next steps they need to take to resolve their problem. Learn how LawLytics can help with the content for your practice area pages by scheduling an interactive demo here.

Learn more about how to maximize your website’s potential

To get the most value out of your firm’s website, you need to quickly and effectively communicate what is important to your potential clients. With a few key web pages, you can make it easy for your web visitors to find answers to their legal questions, understand who you are and who you serve, and explore how you have helped other clients with similar legal issues. 

If you’re a member of LawLytics, schedule a strategy call with us to discuss your website’s current approach to content strategy. If you’re not yet a LawLytics member, schedule an interactive demo to learn more about using LawLytics for your law firm.

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