COVID-19 Crisis

Blog posts to help lawyers adapt and thrive in the new reality.

As Lawyers Our Thought Leadership Is Needed Right Now

As lawyers, we have an opportunity presented by the uncertainty and risk facing America and the world. Unlike laymen, lawyers have information and tools at our disposal to contextualize a significant part of what’s going on. The gift of context can be shared. And the...

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For Job Security, Attorneys Should Own Their Firms Plus The Following

The good news is that, as an attorney, whether you’re a law firm owner now and want to gain more control, or whether you’re thinking about opening your own firm, your license to practice law comes with an implied license to take control of your future. Taking control, and achieving true independence, is easy to do once you have the right mindset.

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We’re Wartime Lawyers Now – So Find Your Law Firm’s Strategic Inflection Point

As a law firm owner, you’re in control of your own destiny. You chose to be your own boss for a reason. You took risks and worked hard to attain that control and freedom of choice, and to put your destiny in your own hands. That choice is a reflection of who you are, of your entrepreneurial spirit. Even if your status quo has been disrupted (and who’s hasn’t?), you now have the opportunity — perhaps a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity — to positioning you law practice to win post-crisis while at the same time serving your clients and your community through the crisis.

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CARES Act Funding for Small Law Firms – Danger or Opportunity?

If I was a small law firm owner right now, and if I had access to government backing to keep good employees on staff (even when there isn’t the revenue or typical job description-aligned work to support remaining fully staffed), I would. But I would do so with a clear agreement with each and every member of my retained team that they would be working, every day, full days, to build a foundation for the next decade of success in the firm. I would let them know that, short of putting themselves or their families in harms way, I expect that the boundaries of the job description that they had before the COVID-19 crisis do not apply until further notice.

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Thoughts on keeping your legal marketing overhead fixed and low through recessions and boom times

With the fear, uncertainty and upheaval created by the COVID-19 pandemic, many solo practitioners and small firm owners are worried about their marketing. And some are needlessly hurting because of it. My hope is that this post will give you, the solo or small firm owner, a perspective and an alternative path for your marketing that will lead to peace of mind and steadiness of business.

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Help: I’m worried about my law firm’s present and future because of COVID-19

Everything I’m about to say assumes that your law firm is not in dire straits because your overhead is killing you while your clients are busy focusing on non-legal matters of life and death, and wrestling the fears Americans normally are not forced to confront. If your firm is in dire financial shape, what I’m about to say will only matter if you 1) survive and 2) have good marketing in place to when the storm passes and the tsunami of legal work and opportunity (that I’ll speculate about below) arrives. If you are wondering how you’re going to survive, the first thing that you need to do is get moving.

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Technology We Use to Work Remotely

This post will outline the technology that the LawLytics team uses to effectively work (from the office and recently from home). Some of the technology may be useful to lawyers trying to adapt to the new reality of remote work in the thick of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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The Legal Marketing Mindset That Wins In Recession and Boom Times

The best time to build sustainable legal marketing, and secure a sustainable advantage, is when business is slow. The more you strategically utilize your downtime to work on your website, the less future slow times you’ll have, and the more you’ll be able to choose the types of cases and clients you want to engage because each opportunity in the future will cost you nothing.

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