4 Ways to Get a Better Office Location Page

by Jan 10, 2023

Your firm’s office location page is a foundational page of your website, yet it is often overlooked as a marketing asset. A good location page will provide plenty of helpful information about your firm for web visitors. However, your office location page can also act as a needle-mover for potential clients when they’re making the decision to reach out to your firm. 

Read on for four quick ways you can turn your firm’s office location page into an effective local marketing tool that helps you attract and convert new business online. 

1. Go beyond the basics

An effective office location page will leave nothing to the imagination when it comes to finding and getting in touch with your firm. This is done by giving potential clients more than just your address and phone number to make it easier for them to find you. The following are examples of how you can go beyond the basics for your web visitors:

  • If your office is near a highway, provide written directions that will outline how to get to your office from the nearest exit 
  • If your office is located in a hidden or difficult spot, add more information that tells clients how to get there
  • Give more information about where they can park and if you offer parking validation

The extra attention to detail can put a new or potential client at ease and show them that you care about helping them. LawLytics helps you prove you go the extra mile for your clients with our easy-to-create and client-friendly location pages. Add maps, contact information, and anything else that will help your potential clients get in touch with your firm with ease. 

2. Reinforce what’s unique about your practice

Competitive advantages can be found almost anywhere and can help your firm stand out online – including on your firm’s location page. Reinforce why your law firm is the right one to handle a potential client’s matter with relevant details about your firm’s unique background or experience. The following are unique factors that can be helpful to include on your office location page:

  • A unique career background such as a former police officer or prosecutor
  • Specialization in a particular local issue
  • Your capacity to serve clients outside your local area
  • Your availability for virtual meetings 
  • Involvement in local organizations or relevant board positions
  • Relevant information about a local court or jurisdiction

3. Include a contact form

It’s important to accommodate the multiple ways in which your potential clients prefer to reach out to you. Beyond your address and phone number, include an easy and intuitive contact form on your location page. The information you want to capture may vary based on your practice, but it’s recommended that you capture their name, email, and phone address. As a bonus, you may want to capture how they found your website or allow for an open-ended message. However, be aware that most potential clients will not want to complete a lengthy contact form and that too many fields could act as a deterrent.

LawLytics makes it simple for you to collect information from your web visitors with our quick and easy contact forms. From basic “Contact Us” forms to complex client intake questionnaires, you can create and manage forms with ease right from your LawLytics dashboard. You can also integrate your forms with your favorite case management system to help you get the most out of your office location page. 

4. Use pictures 

Photos are an often underutilized marketing asset for law firm location pages. Including pictures of your office can help you give the right first impression to potential clients. If possible, include images of both the inside and outside of your office. This will help clients know exactly what they can expect, and will help make them more comfortable in reaching out.

Get the most out of your online marketing opportunities

Curating a better office location page is both informative to potential clients and a valuable marketing asset for your law firm. By going beyond the expected, you can build trust and confidence with your potential clients more quickly. It will also give you more opportunities to showcase your firm’s helpfulness and your competitive edge. 

LawLytics websites are attorney-specific and crafted to give you all the tools you need to succeed online. We guide you through best practices that help you avoid costly mistakes and achieve sustainable results. Whether you’re looking for a new website or would like to make the switch, we provide a seamless, turn-key experience with done-for-you setup and design.

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