Best Practices for Law Firm Case Results Pages

by Nov 21, 2022

Your law firm’s case results can be an effective needle-mover for potential clients who are researching available representation online. With the appropriate context, formatting, and narrative, case results on your website can help convince a potential client that you’re the best attorney to help them with their legal issue.

Read on to learn how case results can help you attract more clients online, quick tips for optimizing your results, and how to write an effective and compelling case result.

How can case results help you attract more clients online?

Case results provide attorneys with the unique opportunity to hold a mirror to their potential clients and allow them to picture themselves with a successful outcome with the help of your services. Potential clients will put themselves in the shoes of the client who is the subject of your case result. This gives you the chance to help them make the emotional and logical leap required to hire your firm. When case results are well written, they will demonstrate the care you have for both your clients and your work and also give context to what a potential client can expect to experience while working with you.

Quick tips for optimizing your case results

Every compelling case result story has a few commonalities in substance and style. Read on for some quick tips that can help you to maximize the impact of your case results page and make a lasting impression on your potential clients.

Understand the hierarchy of your potential clients’ needs.

Your potential clients likely want to know a little more about you before they consider pursuing information on your accomplishments. At the core, a potential client wants to know that you care about them and their legal issue. Then, they may want to know how enthusiastic you are about your practice and their legal issue. Once those two questions are satisfied, they will want to understand more about what you have done in your career and for other clients.

Be compelling with plenty of context.

When your potential clients read through your firm’s case results, they are likely to view these stories through the lens of their own legal situation. If your case results provide plenty of context and are relatable to that person, it could influence their decision to hire you. In a nutshell, the case result should consist of the case facts, but also how the incident affected your client and the long-term impact of your involvement in their case.

Know that bigger is not always better.

Many attorneys are inclined to gravitate toward splashy numbers when considering what case results to list on their website. While it’s true these numbers can be impressive, a smaller number can be just as effective if accompanied by a well-crafted story. At this point, it’s also helpful to think of your potential clients and consider if they would respond more favorably to certain case types and result amounts over others. Would your audience be able to relate to a large number or would this be intimidating to them? Could it inadvertently signal that you only take cases that could result in large settlements? Regardless of the amount won, every positive case result is a story worth telling and, when carefully written, can make a lasting impact on a potential client.

Use effective structure for your display.

Your firm’s case results should be effortless to reach, view, and toggle between for any potential client visiting your website. You will also want to determine what information is most important for a web visitor to view first, and what order you prefer your case results to be displayed in. It’s recommended that you create a dedicated page for your case results with the ability to view each result in a separate, more detailed page. LawLytics makes all of this easy for attorneys to achieve for their website without the need for any technical experience. 

How to write case results (and what makes a good one!)

Case results that are effective in capturing the attention of potential clients tend to have similar characteristics: case facts, the challenges, case details, and the results. Going beyond the final case results to give context to the case in its entirety and the journey taken to a successful outcome will help you to craft a more compelling story. We outline the common characteristics of effective case results below:

Case facts

Provide context of the case to paint a picture of the situation your client was facing. Describe the incident in detail and outline the loss your client was experiencing and what was at stake for them. Go further to describe what your motivations were to take on this case and what your client’s motivations were to hire you as their attorney. As you are relaying the facts of the case, a potential client should be able to understand the situation clearly, know that you cared for the client and their case, and that your motivations were aligned with the client’s.

In short, it’s best to include any additional details that can be helpful to a potential client when making the decision to hire you for their case. This could also be a good place to link your attorney bio to encourage further reading into your qualifications.

The challenges

Every case has their challenges – how were you prepared to overcome them, and how did you do it? This is an opportunity to brag about yourself a bit and be detailed with how much work went into getting a desired outcome for your client. Your determination to beat all odds will also work to show a potential client how much care you give to each case.

The result

The legal outcome of your case is an essential element to a compelling case result, but it can’t stand alone. Only with the case facts, challenges, and details can you maximize the impact of your case result. 

When outlining the result of your case, broaden the perspective beyond the legal result and talk about how the result impacted your client’s life. The more specific you get, the more relatable a potential client will find the story. In addition, speak to the impact the case made on you as an attorney and how this strengthened your skillset and better prepared you to serve more clients in similar situations. 

How to use LawLytics to display your case results

LawLytics makes it easy to add, edit, and reorder your law firm’s case results to maximize their effect on potential clients. LawLytics members can create or make changes to their case results right from their LawLytics dashboard and instantly publish results to their law firm website. To explore a preview of the feature, click through the interactive demo below. 

To learn more or see the platform in action, schedule a 20-minute interactive demo with a product expert. Or get started today, with our 60-day money-back guarantee.

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