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4 Key Steps To Market A Mass Torts Practice

A mass tort practice is an opportunity for law firms of any size. So many attorneys are starting mass torts practices that the litigation now makes up 36 percent of the entire federal civil docket. The best way to grow a mass tort practice area is marketing with a content-driven website. A strong organic web presence with a blog capitalizes on how clients search for mass tort lawyers.

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Why Lawyers Should Use Lexicata

This post is part of series that examines software programs that attorneys can use to manage various aspects of their practice. Today, we’re looking at Lexicata. This post ends with our strong recommendation that attorneys use Lexicata and integrate it with LawLytics to make the client acquisition process easy, reliable, and transparent.

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A Survey Of Law Firm Software: Series Introduction

It’s unfortunate that, in 2018, many lawyers are still reliant on clunky spreadsheets or paper-based practice management solutions. This guide will help you understand the benefits of going digital. And, once you experience the benefits of using a piece of software that works with your practice, you’ll never go back.

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Holiday Blog Ideas For Attorneys 2017

Holidays can be a perfect time to write some quick and easy blog posts that will appeal to your law firm’s audience. Here are ideas for several practice areas that you might want to consider for your next blog post.

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