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Making Smart Bets on SEO for Your Law Firm’s Website

Much of the information you might find about search engine optimization (SEO) online can sound intimidating. However, law firm SEO is a game of probability. And when you learn the truth about how search engines work and discover the ways in which it is possible to stack the odds in your favor, SEO is also a game that you can win.

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Series Introduction: Online Law Firm Marketing Sleight of Hand

This is the first post in a series about online law firm marketing “sleight of hand.” Posts in the series will focus on common methods that marketing companies and SEO providers use to keep attorneys in the dark about how to successfully market their firms on the web or that keep attorneys dependent upon certain legal marketing services.

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The Truth About Page Load Speed on Your Law Firm’s Website

Page load speed refers to how fast a page loads once it is requested in a browser. While, from the user’s perspective, most of the perceived page load time is dependent on the speed and quality of their internet connection, there are speed elements that can be influenced by the design and presentation of your law firm’s website.

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Should Attorneys Always Write Their Own Law Firm Website Content?

When it comes to content marketing for law firms, there are those who believe that if an attorney uses a ghostwriter for the creation of their law firm website content, it’s unethical. In this blog post, we’ll discuss several arguments against ghostwriting and why they don’t hold up, and show you how to delegate content creation the right way.

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Supercharge Your Law Firm’s Local Search Performance with Listings Management

In order for your law firm to appear on Google’s Map result (including the list of three results that often appears along with that map, known as a “local pack”) or its local organic search results for relevant queries, you need to make sure that the information about your law firm that is available online is accurate, consistent, and complete, including on sites that you may have never even heard of.

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