Series: "A Firm Foundation"

To get from the idea of starting a law practice to owning a thriving law firm there are many decisions and challenges. This series is written to help attorneys navigate the journey as they start or build their firms.

Dan Jaffe, Attorney & CEO
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I’ve been a lawyer since 1998 and I am admitted to practice law in Arizona and Washington State. I built successful practices in both states and have tried more than 100 cases to verdict. I created LawLytics to empower lawyers to build their practices without having to depend on marketing agencies or struggle with website software that’s not built for them.

– Dan Jaffe, Attorney and LawLytics CEO

June and July 2021 SEO Updates: Hype vs. Reality

I’m here to tell you that I have never once seen attorneys (who follow Google Webmaster Guidelines and that have the proper infrastructure to their site) suffer from a Google algorithm update. It just doesn’t happen if you’re doing the fundamentals.

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A Quick, Easy Content Creation Idea For Lawyers

In this video blog post I share a quick and easy way that attorneys can use video, talk about what they already know and talk with clients about regularly, and create content that is more effective than any content that a marketing agency could create for them in short order.

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Using Your Law Firm’s Website for Client Expectation Management

5.24.2021 – I recorded this short video blog post about using your law firm’s website to help you deliver and enforce expectation management at scale. It’s something that will make your life as a solo practitioner or small law firm owner easier — and your clients will appreciate it, too.

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How Your Law Firm’s Website Can Be Sold As An Asset When You’re Done Practicing Law

If you’re an attorney looking to build value that you can harvest, and assets that another attorney will be grateful to own, when it’s time to retire or otherwise move on from the daily practice of law, I hope that this video blog post helps spark ideas about how you can use your firm’s website to simultaneously create revenue for your practice today, and build transferrable equity to you or your family can harvest down the road.

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The Mindset For Starting A Solo Law Practice

In this video blog post I talk about the conversations that I have frequently had with lawyers who are thinking about starting their own law firms. These conversations happen with lawyers with a wide range of experience, from just out of law school, to leaving medium to large firms, or government employment one, two or even three decades into their legal careers.

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My First Employees – Part II – Fractional Employee and First Job Post

I had clients and revenue. My practice was growing rapidly. I had a real office (not a starter office closet) and a building with parking occupied by lawyers. The building provided a shared receptionist. She answered my phones, which were routed through a rats nest of analogue wires that somehow connected the right lines to the right rooms.

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My Early Lessons In Solo Law Practice Growth

In this post, I’m going to talk about how I weathered the learning curve of being a suddenly very busy attorney while trying to build my firm for the long term. They call it the “practice” of law for a reason. Every lawyer has a lifelong learning curve about not just law and procedure, but about the “soft skills” listed above and many others. As a solo lawyer, you need to know every aspect of your business, and often need to competently execute every bit of it yourself.

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My Story – Starting My First Law Firm

This is the fifth post in my blog series about how to start and build a solo law practice. At the beginning of the series I’m taking the time to tell my story, which I hope will frame the advice and opinions that I give in future posts. In the last post I covered the...

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