10 Power Tips For Attorneys Who Blog

by Jun 15, 2017

Are you thinking about starting a blog for your law firm’s website? Or maybe you blog already, but you’re struggling to create engaging content that resonates with your potential clients. Perhaps you sat down to write a blog post, but you’re just staring at a blank page, feeling uninspired.

No matter where you are in your blogging process, our top ten posts on blogging for attorneys can help.

Here are some quick tips to help you get — and stay — on the right track.

1. Remember why blogging is important for your firm.

Blogging has many benefits for attorney websites. When blogging and other content creation is done right, it becomes a cost-effective form of online marketing that works with both potential clients and search engines.

But blogging doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, some attorneys really enjoy blogging as a form of thought leadership — especially when they begin to see the benefits it provides to their firm.

2. Don’t worry about these common law firm blogging myths.

Misunderstandings about law firm blogs can keep small law firms and solo practitioners from getting started with a regular blogging routine. Don’t let these six law firm blogging myths keep your from achieving your online marketing goals.

3. Stop struggling with what to write on your law firm blog.

Struggling to choose a topic for your next blog posts? Here’s how to pick law firm blog topics your clients will read.

4. Overcome writer’s block and create compelling content for your law firm blog.

Even the most prolific law firm bloggers occasionally get writer’s block. Don’t just stare at that blinking cursor. These tips for overcoming writer’s block will have you blogging again in no time.

5. Decide how often to blog for your law firm’s website.

“How often should I blog?” is one of the questions we hear most frequently from LawLytics members. Here is why frequency and consistency matter in law firm blogging.

6. Make your law firm’s blog posts the right length.

If you wrote a really long blog post (or a short one), you may be wondering if it’s the “right” length for your law firm’s website.

So how long should your law firm’s blog posts actually be? As long as they need to be.

7. Stop fretting about keywords for your law firm’s website.

You may have heard that your law firm blog posts need to include a certain number or a certain kind of keywords. There’s a grain of truth there, but it’s buried in a mountain of misinformation.  

Learn how and why keywords actually matter for your law firm blog.

8. Learn to write blog posts that your potential clients will read.

Writing for online readers isn’t the same as writing a brief or a journal article.

Learn what online readers (aka, your potential clients) expect from your content in “5 Ways To Make Law Firm Website Content More Readable.”

9. Avoid law firm blogger burnout.

If you’ve been publishing content regularly on your law firm blog, we salute you! New content on your law firm blog provides value to both search engines and your potential clients. Here’s how to keep up your blogging momentum without getting blogger burnout.

10. Choose tools that will help you blog more efficiently.

The right tools can make any job easier, including blogging for your law firm’s website. The LawLytics website system makes it easy to create and publish the kind of blog posts that will attract and engage potential clients. Here are three more law firm blogging tools worth trying.

LawLytics can help you blog effectively and efficiently.

At LawLytics, we want every attorney to achieve their online marketing goals, without wasting giving wasting their time or taking risks. LawLytics helps attorneys succeed with online marketing solutions that build a predictable flow of new cases at a sustainable ROI.

To learn more about how to use your firm’s web presence to attract new clients, check out our full library of on-demand educational webinars such as our Basic Law Firm Blogging Clinic and Advanced Law Firm Blogging Clinic.

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